White paper: Scale-out architecture: hyper-scalability begins at home

Johannesburg, 08 Feb 2019
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Scale-out architecture: hyper-scalability begins at home.
Scale-out architecture: hyper-scalability begins at home.

'All-in.' It's a general phrase when looking at enterprises' use of the cloud versus on-premises for data management and secondary data storage. Are enterprises going all-in on the cloud for all their data protection and workload needs? Or, are they seeing that, while the public cloud, for example, might be optimum for tier two applications, they prefer to retain certain critical data processes on-premises? As Bain & Company notes, many companies are not 'all-in', but rather taking a slow and steady approach to cloud data migration.

Scale-out architecture plays in this scenario, as IT executives are starting to see it can offer the virtually unlimited scalability enterprises associate with the public cloud, however, with tighter budget control.

This white paper will help you examine where scale-out architecture can be effective in supporting increased data workloads and providing agility, while optimising your hardware expenses.

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