Copperman Consulting joins Decision Inc. brand identity

Johannesburg, 12 Feb 2019
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Nick Bell, CEO of Decision Inc.
Nick Bell, CEO of Decision Inc.

UK-based enterprise performance management specialist, Copperman Consulting, will be integrated into the Decision Inc. brand as part of its global drive to provide innovative intelligence solutions to support clients across all aspects of the information value chain.

This follows the successful amalgamation of the two organisations over the past several months and forms part of the broader strategy to cement the relationship between Decision Inc. and Copperman Consulting. This phased approach also enabled the companies to manage customer relationships more effectively, as opposed to an immediate transition.

"As we enter this exciting new phase in our relationship with Copperman Consulting, we are looking forward to the opportunities this will bring to the organisation. It further enables us to accelerate the expansion of our additional service lines such as data management, business intelligence and analytics that we believe will help to leverage the Decision Inc. value proposition for both clients and staff," says Nick Bell, CEO of Decision Inc.

"The synergies and business focus of the two businesses will jointly prove to be a compelling offering for clients. By joining with Decision Inc., we have expanded our product offering and skill set. We look forward to this exciting growth phase over the coming years," says Stephen Garbett, MD of Copperman.

Decision Inc. has already derived significant value from the acquisition. To date, it has successfully delivered several implementations to customers in the United Kingdom that combine the SAP capabilities of Copperman with the business intelligence expertise of Decision Inc.

"This reflects our broader strategy of being a global leader in information-driven transformation. The integration enables us to complement our existing business capabilities and build sustainable growth in a globally connected marketplace," says Bell.

Decision Inc.

Decision Inc. is a global leader in information-driven transformation with a core focus on data, digital and performance intelligence. Our expertise in technology and industry specialisations has enabled us to help companies around the world make better decisions faster. Our emphasis on local excellence and global scale enables us to bring clients best of breed technology solutions that enable significant improvement while leveraging our global research and innovation teams to accelerate the time to insight. Our local consulting teams are experts in the implementation, support and execution of these solutions and work with our clients to deliver real results and improvement.

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