Eight key things to look out for when choosing a Web hosting company

Johannesburg, 16 May 2019
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While most companies realise the importance of having a business Web site, few consider the importance of the right hosting to complement it.

The "cheapest" or "best deal" is often the go-to option. In most cases, business owners leave this choice to someone else. The hosting company you decide to host with will directly affect how well or how poorly your Web site performs.

It is therefore recommended to be involved with the choice as much as possible and to weigh up the options with care.

Criteria to help you make your decision:

1. Stability

A stable hosting environment is non-negotiable. A Web site that is regularly affected by unknown elements will experience a lot of downtime, which will drive away potential customers and affect your reputation negatively. It is also important to note that search engines such as Google favour visitor experiences, which means bad hosting could affect your ranking. Look for a hosting company that can guarantee uptime of a minimum of 99.9% and more.

2. Speed

The loading speed of a Web site contributes towards user-experience. A speedy site that downloads images and content quickly offers a more enjoyable experience whereas a slow site that takes more than 30 seconds to display content properly could affect conversions. Choose a hosting provider that places great value on speed and has the relevant hardware to back these speeds.

3. Security

Cyber security is a constant and ever-growing threat. Secure hosting means your hosting company has implemented additional robust security measures to protect your data from ransomware and other malicious software. Look for a company that takes your business's security seriously.

4. Quality infrastructure

Business owners often opt for smaller hosting providers that are able to assist them with other IT and PC-related issues as well. Unfortunately, the only way a hosting company can step up to meet the demands for superior stability, speed and security is through utilising high-quality server infrastructure. Look for a company that makes use of international carrier-grade infrastructure.

5. Backups

Regular backups of a Web site is more than just something to "sweeten" the hosting deal. It serves great purpose. Viruses, hackers, ransomware and human error have caused thousands of sites to suffer irreparable damage over the years. Regular backups ensure that a recent copy of your Web site is kept safe so that if an issue occurs, your Web site can be restored ASAP.

6. Great service

Web hosting isn't a once-off, ad hoc service. It is something you use every day and every month of the year. It is therefore essential to choose a hosting company that will continue to work hard to keep customers happy. From technical support to server maintenance and general advice, choose a company with an excellent reputation in the industry.

7. Local

There are many benefits to choosing a local hosting company with a local data centre, including improved speed for local visitors. Choosing a local hosting company is also beneficial to the economy, jobs and the upskilling of the local workforce.

8. E-mail

E-mail is one of the most important communication tools a business has at its disposal. That's why when it comes to hosting, businesses should look into what e-mail solutions the hosting provider offers. Make sure your hosting provider makes use of a reputable anti-virus and anti-spam solution.

With decades in the industry, is confident that its local, high-quality, fast, secure and 99.99% uptime guaranteed hosting solution will provide its customers with an incredible and superior service.

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