Brainstorm’s 12th annual CIO Directory hits the shelves

Johannesburg, 26 Aug 2021
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The 12th annual edition of Brainstorm magazine’s CIO Directory – the who’s who of SA’s tech decision-makers – is now available in print and eBook format.

Recognising the critical role CIOs play in helping organisations transition to the post-COVID-19 future, the directory showcases more than 200 of South Africa’s leading technology decision-makers, how they have overcome their challenges, and what they have achieved in these unprecedented times.

The 2021 CIO Directory includes C-level IT strategists in the enterprise space and leading medium-sized companies across all sectors, as well as CIOs/GITOs in key government and public sector organisations. It also provides readers with insight into the evolving role of the CIO, the challenges they face and the trends that are top of mind as they drive technology integration.

Ranka Jovanovic, editorial director at ITWeb, says the role and responsibilities of the CIO have traditionally been varied and complex, but the COVID-19 pandemic shone the spotlight on the CIO more than ever before.

“Uniting IT and the business, CIOs are the linchpins that drive and enable organisations. This hasn’t changed over the last 12 years we have been compiling the directory; however, the pandemic took this to a whole new level.”

She says the ability of an organisation to continue operating during this time is entirely dependent on the CIO and their team, who need to respond to the crisis with remote working set-ups, access to information and mission-critical systems.

“Those who were agile and had a robust digital technology foundation in place were not only able to keep their doors open, they helped their organisations stand out as market leaders,” Jovanovic adds.

If the pandemic has shown us anything, she says, it’s that in its wake, no one can doubt the crucial role of the technology strategist.

“Saying this, we realise that it is time for ITWeb and Brainstorm to digitally transform too, so we’re planning to complement this printed book and its eBook version with a truly digital CIO/CDO/CTO portal,” she says.

This will offer an easier way to keep track of who’s who, who is where, and to enable everyone in the community to add to the collective knowledge and discourse going forward, Jovanovic ends.

The CIO Directory 2021 is distributed to the majority of Brainstorm’s ABC-audited reader base and sold as a standalone publication in leading retailers, and in Brainstorm’s online store.

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