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  • Broadcom delivers innovative software to Silicon Integration with industry’s first AI-driven network monitoring solution

Broadcom delivers innovative software to Silicon Integration with industry’s first AI-driven network monitoring solution

New DX NetOps solves network congestion with industry’s most comprehensive AI-driven monitoring and analytics.

Johannesburg, 21 May 2020
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CA Southern Africa has revealed that Broadcom (NASDAQ: AVGO) has announced the availability of DX NetOps powered by Broadcom Silicon, the industry’s first AI-driven, high-scale operations monitoring and analytics solution. Captured at the chip level for advanced network triage and remediation, DX NetOps delivers fine grain per packet and flow level visibility to mitigate complex network congestion.

“Today’s businesses are now hyper-connected, reliant on complex infrastructures, multi-cloud environments connecting billions of devices through a mesh of networks. This means more congestion and less visibility to triage the delivery of today’s digital experience,” said Serge Lucio, vice-president and general manager, Enterprise Software Division, Broadcom. “In this complex environment, businesses demand a new approach to network monitoring to solve the new network congestion issue, one that is AI-driven, self-healing and powered by silicon.”

DX NetOps powered by Broadcom Silicon: Addressing modern network congestion

Broadcom provides next-generation high-scale operations monitoring that simplifies 5G, IOT, cloud and SD-WAN deployments by applying AI and ML to the rich granular data captured at the chip level – enabling a unique automated AI-driven solution that remediates network congestion. Broadcom recognises that a monitoring solution that captures real-time packet and flow data directly from Broadcom chips and other devices is a differentiator in the industry and is critical to delivering a superior digital experience.

DX NetOps leverages AIOps from Broadcom and acts as a trusted proof point for the IT operations analytics offered in BizOps from Broadcom. AIOps from Broadcom includes new intelligent recommendations and auto-remediation capabilities that help IT teams predict and prevent problems before they impact user experience.

“SD-WAN, 5G and edge compute technologies are key enablers for network agility, but their dynamic nature introduces unique monitoring challenges, making it more difficult to detect, debug and remediate problems that degrade service delivery,” said Sudip Datta, head of AIOps and Monitoring, Enterprise Software Division, Broadcom. “DX NetOps powered by Broadcom silicon and BroadView Telemetry provides unparalleled granular, per-packet and flow-level insights that could potentially save our customers millions of dollars in lost revenue due to network bottlenecks.”

“Artificial Intelligence has the potential to fundamentally transform the networking landscape and deliver superior network optimisation,” said Ram Velaga, senior vice-president and general manager, Core Switching Group, Broadcom. “AI capabilities critically depend on the quality and depth of the data. Powered by Broadcom silicon, BroadView Instrumentation delivers real-time network telemetry at packet level granularity in a scalable manner to differentiate the DX NetOps AI-driven next-gen network monitoring solution in the industry.”

SD-WAN monitoring coverage expanded through strategic partnerships

Broadcom enhanced its analytic capabilities in the DX NetOps platform that now enables network operations teams to reliably deliver applications experiences over SD-WAN technologies built on Silver Peak, VMware (VeloCloud) and 128 Technology. Enhanced application-aware optimisation technology allows enterprises to centralise real-time application monitoring across their multi-vendor SD-WAN deployments in a unified view that includes existing multi-vendor network devices, infrastructure layers and applications.

“Silver Peak is proud to partner with Broadcom to help joint enterprise and service provider customers deliver the highest quality of experience to their users across Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform deployments,” said Fraser Street, vice-president, technical alliances at Silver Peak. “We recognise that customers rely on multi-cloud, multi-vendor environments and see the value of the DX NetOps unified and highly scalable operations monitoring solution to extend the value of the WAN to ensure a superior customer experience.”

“SD-WAN technology offers many interesting benefits, from reducing our spend on MPLS bandwidth, providing more flexibility for network connectivity, and ensuring an optimal user experience when accessing applications over the network or from cloud-hosted services,” said Clint McMurray, network engineer, Network Voice Infrastructure Services, Fujitsu. “As an existing DX NetOps customer, we see the value in easily extending our monitoring solution to SD-WAN so we can actually realise these benefits without having to install and learn another tool.”

With the rise of modern architectures required to support digital business initiatives, it is imperative that enterprises have comprehensive visibility coupled with AI and machine learning capabilities to truly understand application behaviour and optimise their SD-WAN investments. To learn more about DX NetOps, Network AIOps and Network Automation solutions, download our eBook here.

For more information on how Broadcom helps customers predict network congestion in the era of 5G, cloud and edge networking, download our white paper.

CA Southern Africa

CA Southern Africa is the sole sub-Saharan Africa representative of CA Technologies, a Broadcom company.

CA Technologies and Broadcom have a strong history of innovation and commitment to customers. The two companies share a common vision for the delivery of mission-critical technologies that enterprises need to compete and win.

Today, software is at the heart of every business, in every industry, and we assist our customers - through the use of modern technology - to change the way we live; transact; and communicate across: mobile; cloud; distributed and mainframe environments. The mainframe is part of a hybrid IT and multi-cloud world. CA Southern Africa enables companies to embark on the frictionless digital transformation journey necessary to seize the opportunities presented by the application economy.

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