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Comma iTA satisfies industry need for alternative telephony hardware platforms

Johannesburg, 28 Jul 2010
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Due to the growth in the open source Asterisk telephony platform in 2009, and the increasing need for alternative hardware platforms, Far South Networks, a South African telecommunications development company, recently launched Comma iTA, the first interface adapter in the world for Asterisk that connects via the LAN, a real alternative to computer telephony cards, or channel banks that connect via USB.

Asterisk has become more feature-rich and stable after 10 years of development within the open source ecosystem, resulting in it being adopted by larger corporate and government institutions. With progressive growth in the industry, the need for alternative hardware platforms has expanded, with some leading hardware now being locally designed and manufactured.

Comma iTA, an Intelligent Telephony Adapter, is a flexible and comprehensive telephony interface solution for Asterisk-based PBX, contact centre and gateway installations. The product was built to unique South African specifications and incorporates hardware echo cancellation on all ports, lightening protection and is ICASA approved.

Available in various configurations including analogue, BRI (Basic Rate ISDN) and PRI (Primary Rate ISDN) lines, Comma iTA provides dedicated voice processing hardware, off-loading critical, channel-related processing from the host server, while providing integration to legacy telecom infrastructure. Comma iTA supports the deployment of large, feature-rich solutions over a distributed and scalable architecture.

Even Flow Distribution, a leading VOIP hardware distributor in South Africa, is the official distributor of the Comma iTA. Managing Director, Adrian Bush, commented: "The Comma iTA is a quality home-grown product, which not only appeals to the South African market, but due to its vast array of configurations, is a good contender in international markets."

Additional information - Far South Networks:
Founded in 2006 by electronic engineers, Grant Broomhall and Michael Walton, Far South boasts a total of 40 years of award-winning experience in the industry. In March 2008, Far South Networks was awarded a technology grant from the Industrial Development Corporations' Support Program for Industrial Innovation (SPII) for the development of its telephony product range.

Additional information - Even Flow:
Even Flow is a leading trade distributor of VOIP solutions and other innovative IP hardware. The company has been entrusted with premium IP brands including Siemens, Snom, Vegastream, Sangoma, Epygi and many more. Even Flow has a strong understanding of IP technology and, in partnership with resellers, a commitment to assist African business to move to the next level in IP communications. A strict channel policy, expert product support, competitive pricing and comprehensive product portfolio has enabled Even Flow Distribution to become a southern African market leader in VOIP hardware supply.

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