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Johannesburg, 25 Apr 2022
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Companies want to maintain and increase partner and customer satisfaction and improve the speed of business. Integrating systems is the key to unlocking those objectives. Whether it's to connect legacy systems and mainframes with cloud-facing environments, improve flow between departments, B2B partners and supply chains, or to facilitate the safe yet unencumbered movement of files, a successful integration project delivers enormous digital advantages.

Yet the wrong integration partner can scupper those goals. Companies using an unprepared or inexperienced integration partner will encounter difficulties when scaling up transmission volumes and may be unable to transfer very large files such as graphics or videos. The business ends up with outdated and inadequate FTP/FTPS products. They find it hard to integrate with mission-critical partners. Often, they will have no centralised file-transfer management or visibility, and no clear sight of mission-critical business communications.

mWtech has the experience and enterprise track record to deliver on multiple integration objectives. We've accumulated the knowledge, sector experience and vendor platforms to unlock digital business value within existing estates.

mWtech specialises in integration across different areas:

Mainframe legacy applications: mWtech uses integration tools from Software AG to bridge mainframe and cloud environments. We utilise ApplinX, EntireX and ConnX to incorporate legacy languages such as Natural and Cobol, and legacy databases such as Adabas.

Established applications: We utilise the webMethods platform to connect and integrate established applications that might not be cloud-native. Acting as an enterprise service bus, webMethods provides a comprehensive set of enterprise adapters for most business applications, messaging providers, EDI-based exchanges, file transfers and cloud software as a service applications.

On-premises and cloud consultation: mWtech provides advisory consulting and technical delivery on-premises and in the cloud. We work closely with proprietary clouds and hyperscale providers, such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS, leveraging cloud-native integration products and integration platform as a service (IPaaS) technologies.

API management: mWtech helps customers manage API planning, design and development, securely exposing APIs to external developers, partners and other parties. We use Software AG integration products, such as API Gateway and Active Transfer, to create and maintain integration APIs. Our services include API design and security, cataloguing APIs and managing their life cycle, and controlling API access to micro-services in a distributed environment.

Advanced file transfer: We leverage a consolidated, easy-to-use platform to exchange files, regardless of size, and with guaranteed delivery. Our platform includes security, auditing and reporting capabilities. mWtech safeguards our customers' data while communicating with any trading partner, consolidated on one integration platform for B2B and managed file transfer (MFT) needs. Our customers include financial institutions where we help plan, design and implement integration platforms to streamline and secure financial transactions.

At mWtech, we work with large and medium-sized enterprises to streamline and smooth their digital journey. We enhance existing technology investments rather than simply dropping in new systems. mWtech continually expands and deepens the integration services we offer to our customers.

Our satisfied customer base includes blue-chip and multinational organisations that benefit from our services and experience:

  • Integration product capabilities, review, and evaluation;
  • Integration platform design to fit customer infrastructure;
  • Integration with existing products and services;
  • Enabling security industry standards;
  • Performance optimisation of end-to-end transactions; and
  • Hybrid and native cloud implementation roadmap and technical services.

mWtech supports our customers to achieve their crucial business objectives and we guarantee flat-file delivery and SLA requirements. We deliver services on-site and remotely, providing our customers with timely responses to address all types of issues.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with mWtech for more information. We can provide a custom demo specifically for your environment, advise on cloud migration and ensure you get the most out of your current environment while making new strategic enhancements. 

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