ITWeb TV launches, offering in-depth video content

A new ITWeb TV video will be produced and hosted on our site weekly.
A new ITWeb TV video will be produced and hosted on our site weekly.

ITWeb is proud to announce the official launch of its editorial news video series, ITWeb TV.

Hosted by our talented team of professional journalists and editors, these independent shows feature interviews with South Africa’s ICT newsmakers, turning the spotlight on the trends, issues, technologies and companies shaping the local sector.

Our longer form interviews are a step towards providing a rounded, multimedia news offering and giving our audience more in-depth content.

Over the past few months, we’ve been building up a catalogue of insightful and informative interviews.

Among others, we’ve spoken to Ernest North, co-founder of Naked Insurance; Bongani Mabaso, new MD of SITA; Calvin Collard, CEO and founder of new MVNO Melon Mobile; and Matome Madibana, MICT SETA CEO.

We’ve also sliced, diced and spliced together interviews from ITWeb’s Security Summit, held a couple of months ago but still pertinent today.

We’re planning to produce and host a new ITWeb TV video on our site weekly, so stay tuned. The videos can also be found on our YouTube channel, so don’t forget to search out and subscribe to ITWeb’s channel to stay on top of our latest content.

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