BT-SA unveils financing solution

Infrastructure Asset Financing will provide cash-strapped local businesses with a reprieve when procuring infrastructure and services.

Johannesburg, 13 Jun 2019
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Bridging Technologies SA (BT-SA) is helping customers beat the financial pinch with an all new financing solution that will enable customers to procure services and assets, with the option to pay these off over a fixed term.

The new offering, Infrastructure Asset Financing, is designed to assist those customers who need to keep their infrastructure ticking over, but are, as a result of the current economic volatility in the South African market, wary to invest significant portions of their cash flow into infrastructure projects.

“Our customers need some financial relief, which has paved the way for us developing an Infrastructure Asset Financing solution. With this product, we are offering clients the ability to receive assets and solutions from our portfolio as well as the maintenance services associated with these immediately, but pay it off over a fixed term,” says Isaac Mophatlane, Director of BT-SA.

With the new Infrastructure Asset Financing solution from BT-SA, customers can continue to procure everything, from their cabling to air conditioners, security, data centres, power generation and all other critical infrastructure solutions from the company. By not having to provide the cash for these upfront, there is no direct impact on operational funding, and, with fixed interest rates over defined payment periods, budgeting for these overheads is that much easier.

“Our commitment to our customers has always been that we will support their business goals with our infrastructure solutions, that we will take their well-being to heart with solutions that help them grow their business and that we will walk this road with them no matter the circumstances. I personally believe that this new financial offering speaks to exactly this and comes at a difficult time for all South African businesses, highlighting that we remain committed to ensuring our customers continue to grow and thrive,” ends Mophatlane.

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