High-performance computing demand sees Z by HP workstations snapped up across SA

Johannesburg, 29 Sep 2021
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High-performance computing capabilities are becoming increasingly crucial in sectors such as media and entertainment, data science, product development and architecture, engineering and construction, where increasingly advanced software incorporating AI, 3D visuals and virtual reality mean traditional laptops and desktop PCs are no longer enough.

This is according to Robin Lloyd, General Manager, HP Printing and personal systems at Tarsus Distribution, who says South African professionals are snapping up high-performance Z by HP workstations as quickly as they arrive in the country.

“For many industries, the term workstation has come to apply to any endpoint device. But for those in the know, who depend on their machines to carry out high-performance tasks, a workstation means exactly that. It needs to be a high-powered workhorse capable of managing ever-greater demands.” 

Creative, design, data science and engineering professionals now need high-frequency processing, multiple cores, powerful graphics and the ability to configure their workstations to meet their workflow needs, he says.

Rodger Green, Technologist and Sales Specialist at HP, cites architecture as an example of how quickly professionals’ needs have evolved. “In years past, if someone wanted plans drawn up it would be done by hand, with no PC required. Then CAD came about, and architects started creating digitally, but because it was initially 2D CAD, all they needed was a device with a faster clock speed and semi-decent graphics card. Now the industry is moving to 3D CAD, Building Information Modelling (BIM) and VR models, and much more powerful devices are required.

"I pity the architect still using a five-year-old machine and trying to harness the latest design tools. 3D modelling and VR walkthroughs make architecture, engineering and construction more efficient, and help identify possible problems very early in the development phase, so professionals have to have devices that allow them to harness these tools.”

Green says high-end Z by HP devices are meeting these changing needs across sectors, supporting product designers, the engineering and construction sector, data scientists, creatives, and even private education, where VR is now being harnessed to deliver an immersive training experience.

Z by HP workstation desktops and laptops are designed and built for high-performance computing and graphics-intensive applications, with extreme reliability and built-in security.

Z mobile workstation PCs deliver professional grade performance on the go, with devices including the ZBook Firefly G8 – the smallest and lightest ZBook, ZBook Power G8 – delivering professional performance at an affordable price, and the ZBook Studio G8 for the ultimate creative and collaborative computing performance.

Z workstation desktop PCs for technical and creative professionals who demand the highest performance for the heaviest workloads include the Z2 Mini – the world’s most powerful mini workstation, the Z2 SFF – ideal for graphics-intensive 2D/3D CAD, the Z2 Tower – ideal for BIM and 3D modelling, the ZCentral 4R – HP’s most powerful 1U rack workstation, the Z4 – HP’s best-selling performance workstation for advanced 3D CAD, BIM and machine learning, the Z6 – perfect for VFX and 3D rendering, and the Z8 – the world’s most powerful workstation, ideal for simulation, 8K video editing and complex machine learning.

The Z ecosystem also includes Z DreamColor Displays for designers, photographers, illustrators and art directors, and Z Displays for executives, data scientists, engineers and product developers.

Green notes that workstation selection should not be made based on the minimum specifications for running particular software. “It’s not just about speeds and feeds; you need the best solution for a particular workflow, because time is money and professionals can’t afford to run into bottlenecks,” he says.

“And in the gig economy, where many creatives, engineers and architects work, professionals also have to consider security. They cannot afford to lose their data due to cyber crime or ransomware attacks. This is where HP offers another compelling differentiator in our Wolf Security, which delivers built-in advanced security features and system safeguards like HP Client Security Suite and HP Sure Start – the industry's first self-healing BIOS.”

To determine which Z by HP device best meets your needs by workflow or software, use the HP device finder here.

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