Intellient feels the heat

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Oracle has declared that any members of its extensive global partner network can distribute and support products from Hyperion Solutions - the business intelligence (BI) firm it bought for $3.3 billion in March.

This decision, taken by Oracle executives, was communicated to partners during the May Hyperion solutions conference in Lyon. It is bad news for local technology firm Intellient - part of the EOH Group, and exclusive Hyperion distributor in SA.

A source close to Intellient says the deal effectively ends Intellient's exclusive right to distribute Hyperion products. Now all of Oracle's local partners can jump into the Hyperion business.

Adrian van der Merwe, MD of 8th Man Consulting - which consults to Hyperion - confirms this: "Oracle has stated that its partner network supersedes the Hyperion partner network." Existing Hyperion distributors will, of course, also be allowed to continue, he adds.

"Intellient is a Hyperion business, they focus on software sales and support business," says Van der Merwe. He adds it is likely the Hyperion BI products will be rebranded under Oracle-Hyperion.

Intellient MD Marc Scheepbouwer says: "Things are unclear at this point." He refuses to say how much revenue Intellient brings in each year from its Hyperion-related business.

At the time of the Hyperion acquisition, many international analysts expressed concern that customers' BI choices are becoming increasingly limited (Oracle also bought another BI firm, Siebel Systems, last year).

Van der Merwe feels it should be good news for the consumer: "Following the acquisition, local customers will be able to obtain software and services for Hyperion products from any of Oracle's long list of partners."

Nicky Sheridan, Oracle's VP for SA and Ireland, could not be reached at the time of publication.

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