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CA IT Management Symposium Africa 2011

More information about the CA IT Management Symposium Africa 2011, which takes place on 2 - 3 February at the Sandton Convention Centre, is available online here.

After the downturn, business sees IT as the enabler for growth and the CIO's must focus on this to stay relevant for the business and at the moment attention is focused on how cloud computing can reduce IT costs and help companies meet pressing computing needs,

This is according to Bjarne Rasmussen, CTO and senior VP at CA Europe who says challenges in using IT in today's world include lack of agility and high costs of managing the technology.

According to him, business users are looking to utilise cloud service to get flexible IT services, which is faster and cheaper. Rasmussen will be a keynote speaker at the upcoming CA IT Management Symposium Africa 2011 conference.

Rasmussen says his keynote talk will address the status of IT in 2011 and why cloud has become so interesting.“The presentation will address the business drivers for cloud and virtualisation and how business users, IT departments and service providers can leverage cloud service and achieve agile and efficient IT services and business results.” The presentation will focus on managing, securing and govern virtualised and cloud based IT infrastructure, he adds.

According to him the prominent IT management trends are clearly virtualisation and cloud services, hereunder building private cloud and utilising public cloud services like Platform-as-a-Service, Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service. With an ongoing focus on virtualisation and cloud computing, companies are finding they need newer and better IT management solutions, he says.

The conference, to be held at the Sandton Convention Centre on 2 and 3 February and it will expose local IT management professionals to the latest IT management technology, services and concepts from CA and its partners, and will give them direct access to CA executives and product specialists from around the world.

The IT Management Symposium Africa will provide comprehensive coverage of all the most pressing IT management issues. Attendees will also learn from experienced practitioners how to ensure IT runs efficiently to increase productivity and improve the customer experience.

According to ITWeb, the sessions that address how a business can employ emerging technologies such as automation, virtualisation and cloud computing to increase your operational efficiency, improve your service offerings and grow your business.

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