Steering clear of disasters. Navigating the $300k/hour downtime challenge: A practical insight – webinar

Johannesburg, 20 Sep 2023
Transform your approach to business resilience.
Transform your approach to business resilience.

Tired of losing money and time due to unexpected downtime?

You're not alone. Latest figures show that between 2019-2022, a staggering 96% of organisations faced at least one instance of downtime, costing them over $300 000 per hour. (ITIC's 2021 Hourly Cost Downtime Survey)

Join us for a must-see webinar that will change the way you think about keeping your business running smoothly, no matter what comes your way. What you'll gain from this eye-opening session:

  • Understand what keeps your business going: We'll demystify terms like "high availability", "fault-tolerance" and "resilience", showing you why they're essential for uninterrupted operations and business continuity.
  • New ways to stay strong: Our expert panel will introduce you to fresh, effective strategies that will make your operations more resilient, empowering you to face resilience challenges head-on and protect your operations.
  • Practical tips you can use now: Walk away with actionable advice that you can implement immediately to improve your resilience and protect your bottom line.
  • Real stories, real success: Hear inspiring case studies from businesses that have overcome significant challenges and thrived, thanks to their focus on resilience.

Don't miss this opportunity to transform your approach to business resilience and save over $300 000 per hour. Secure your spot now.

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