Hyperion, IBM partner on new OLAP benchmark

Johannesburg, 19 Apr 1999
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Hyperion Solutions and IBM have announced the first audited results for the new Analytical Processing Benchmark-1 Revision 2 (APB-1 R2), the only industry-standard OLAP (online analytical processing) benchmark.

Designed by the OLAP Council, the independent OLAP industry standards consortium, the APB-1 R2 benchmark measures overall system performance and scalability for a realistic sales and marketing analysis OLAP application.

IBM and Hyperion ran the benchmark using Hyperion Essbase OLAP Server 5.0.2 on an IBM RS/6000 H70 server.

The audited APB-1 R2 benchmark, run on April 2, executed 500 000 sophisticated OLAP queries in 157 minutes. The query time, combined with the incremental data load and OLAP computation times, established the record for performance by running the end-to-end benchmark with an analytical queries per minute (AQM) rating of 1 135. This level of performance was achieved with 200 no-think-time query streams (executing a query every 0,01892 seconds), which generates a load on the server equivalent to thousands of real-world users.

The IBM server was powered by four 64-bit PowerPC RS64-II (340MHz) processors with 8GB of memory. The 200 query streams were generated with eight client workstations each generating 25 query streams. The OLAP data was created from source data with a density of 5% with 10 000 products.

To view the full benchmark, visit Hyperion products are distributed in South Africa by Global Technology Business Intelligence.

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