How cloud affects a business's digital ambitions

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JP Lourens, software product manager at Kyocera Document Solutions SA.
JP Lourens, software product manager at Kyocera Document Solutions SA.

Kyocera Document Solutions SA will host a panel on "Moving to the cloud: How it can affect a business's digital ambition and journey"' at ITWeb Cloud Summit 2019, to be held at The Forum in Bryanston, on 12 February.

ITWeb Cloud Summit 2019

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JP Lourens, software product manager at Kyocera Document Solutions SA, who will moderate the panel, says: "As most are aware, the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has come into effect, and has in some way had an effect on a lot of local businesses."

As for the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act, he notes SA's information regulator has given the business community one year after commencement to become compliant. "Government has set the date for the first quarter of 2019, with a one-year grace period."

The panel will cover several topics on what this means. "This will include why POPI and GDPR are important when considering moving to the cloud, as well as understanding the importance of information storage and data storage when moving systems and infrastructure to cloud providers, and the impact it will have on ensuring personal information conforms to these standards."

Lourens says when companies map out their cloud journey, they should understand the impact it will have on their digital transformation journey too.

"We will cover what organisations are hoping to achieve, and why they should consider going digital. For example, is the company looking to move file servers and unstructured content to the cloud, and if yes, why? In addition, if the organisation's ambition is to adopt cloud, but is printing documentation from the cloud for the purpose of digitising it again at a later stage, why bother printing in the first place?"

Another question he says businesses need to ask themselves is whether the cloud will allow them to implement their digital plans and become more efficient, while working smarter and not always harder.

Delegates attending the Kyocera panel will gain an understanding of how they can leverage cloud technologies to streamline business processes, automate workflows, digitise paperwork and enable machine-to-machine communication.

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