Mobile computing solutions help meet COVID challenges in transport, logistics operations

Johannesburg, 01 Jul 2021
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E-commerce and transport and logistics players have experienced a complete upheaval since the pandemic started. This sector, although buoyant, has not only become very volatile, with freight costs going through the roof worldwide, but also inflation affecting the cost of products locally.

The business rules have changed completely and as the economy restarted after shutdown conditions and restrictions lifted, T&L operations are requiring very specific and customised solutions to meet the ever-changing landscape.

Simon Grisdale, Managing Executive of Bidvest Mobility, mobile computing and barcode specialists that provide solutions to the large players in the T&L and other sectors, commented: ”The T&L landscape has shifted since the start of the pandemic, and operations are having to face different challenges, from new supply chain demands, e-commerce pressures, customer demands, to safety and health requirements.

“What’s been imperative is to include features in our T&L mobility solutions that efficiently manage social distancing, cleaning procedures and device traceability, while at the same time ensuring the operations can maintain service levels and get on with the T&L tasks at hand,” he said.

T&L operations use mobile computing and barcoding devices, such as barcode scanners, mobile computers and barcode printers to automate and efficiently manage the movement of goods through the supply chain. These mobile devices are used frequently throughout the day by many different operators, working on a shift basis, which makes it imperative to include processes such as the cleaning before and after usage, as well as a chain of custody to track mobile users to ensure COVID levels of safety and reporting are maintained.

Grisdale added: “To meet these new needs, Bidvest Mobility has partnered with Honeywell and FarEye to introduce a complete customisable T&L solution comprising specialised hardware, software and services that can help transform operations, increase accuracy, productivity and efficiency to meet the needs of today’s world.”

Part of this customisable T&L mobility solution is the Honeywell Operational Intelligence software, a remote asset management platform that assists operations to keep their mobile-equipped employees productive, while helping them respond to local site health and safety compliance requirements. Features include asset check-out/check-in, remote control and device system wipe, device cleaning manager, and social distance proximity detector.

“Equally important,” said Grisdale, “is to ensure that companies stay connected with their employees, particularly relevant during pandemic conditions. We have added Honeywell Smart Talk, a unified workforce communications app that can be installed on all the mobile devices, so that an operation can enjoy the benefits of their employees being always connected and able to access critical information from the company headquarters and operational dispatch while out on the road making deliveries. Included is enterprise-grade security for voice calling, text and media messaging, and user presence – all from one mobile device.”

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