BCX Digital Innovation Awards seek innovative SMEs, corporates

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BCX has introduced the 2020 edition of the BCX Digital Innovation Awards, which seek to recognise SA’s most innovative small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and large corporates.

BCX is calling upon businesses across all industry sectors that use technology to improve an existing process or product, or have developed an entirely new process or product, to submit their entries.

Now in its second year, the initiative is aimed at setting the standards for businesses as they take on the challenge to embrace digitalisation, in turn contributing to the economic strength of the country.

The BCX awards honour and celebrate South African organisations that are innovating and changing the course of their industries through the use of technology.

As SA enters the fourth industrial revolution, businesses face mounting pressure to innovate and evolve, and as organisations take on the challenge to innovate, they in turn contribute to the economic strength and societal well-being of our nation, notes the IT services firm.

“Our work during this pandemic made us think long and hard about adversity, crisis and our role at BCX. We believe that great innovations, and innovators, thrive in tough times. Therefore, this year’s BCX Digital Innovation Awards is not just a competition, it is a call to action for all of us to work together in building a better world,” says Jonas Bogoshi, CEO of BCX.

Organisations can enter one of two categories:

  • SME Digital Innovation Award: This category is for South African SMEs that have been in operation for more than one year and employ more than five people and earn less than R50 million in revenue. Part of the prize for the winner of this category is a potential partnership agreement with BCX.
  • The Corporate Enterprise Digital Innovation Award: This category is for large South African enterprises with an employee base of 200 or more. Part of the prize for the winner of this category is joining the BCX Innovation programme, which provides an opportunity to grow and scale to become a global disruptor.

Entries will be open until 30 September. The winners will be announced at the Sunday Times Top 100 Companies Awards event in November.

“We are looking for innovations that have achieved remarkable results, meeting planned company KPI and if possible, have made a difference within South Africa,” notes Bogoshi.

The inaugural BCX Digital Innovation Awards in 2019 saw digital identity platform provider iiDENTIFii bag first place in the SME category for its innovation in biometric identity authentication.

For the corporate category, Old Mutual Group secured first prize for its innovations in cognitive automation and artificial intelligence.

What you need to enter:

A problem statement: A concise description of the business challenge, and a description of the value proposition.

The digital innovation solution: A write-up describing how the business challenge was solved through digital innovation. This must include applicable visuals, reports and timelines where available. The team that was involved in the project must also be named.

Results/outcomes: A write-up of the results or outcomes of the project.

Organisations can enter the 2020 Digital Innovation Awards via the BCX Web site.

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