Kaspersky debuts ‘Ask the Analyst’

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Security giant Kaspersky has introduced a service called Ask the Analyst, which will enable organisations to reach out to the company’s researchers to ask their opinions on security issues and cyber threats.

This will include malware sample analysis, malware family information or certain threat descriptions, requests for dark Web intelligence or further information on published Kaspersky APT Intelligence Reports.

Security information, such as what bad actors are talking about on underground forums, or how to protect against the exploitation of specific vulnerabilities, is critical when it comes to protecting companies from advanced cyber threats.

Kaspersky says while certain entities are prohibited from discussing their findings with peers, it can be beneficial to consult with an industry professional.

Ask the Analyst will enable businesses to gain additional details on Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Reports, including more in-depth research of covered indicators, as well as the ability to discuss what customers have noticed on their side and how it relates to the activity outlined in the report.

Human analysts are the most valuable asset in any threat investigation.

Alexander Liskin, Kaspersky.

Requests are processed by the Kaspersky Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT) and research teams that have authored the reports.

In addition, the service will help to uncover malware behaviour and its purpose. The Kaspersky Global Emergency Response Team, the main digital forensic and incident response operations unit of the company, can analyse malware samples and provide recommendations on further remediation actions.

Also, it will help users obtain more information on a threat, such as a description of a specific malware family, additional context for indicators of compromise (hashes, URLs, CnCs, and suchlike) or vulnerabilities. These inquiries will be handled by the Kaspersky Threat Research Team.

Finally, users of the service can request dark Web research to unpack what attackers know about IP addresses, domain names, files, emails, or any details of incidents they are discussing. These reports will be delivered by the Kaspersky Security Services Team.

Users of the service will have exclusive access to a core group of experts within Kaspersky with diverse specialisations, all through one point of contact and within a single licence. The information will be offered on a case-by-case basis.

Alexander Liskin, head of Anti-Malware Research at Kaspersky, says human analysts are the most valuable asset in any threat investigation. 

“Tailored information about specific threats can be essential to protect organisations from advanced cyber threats and can save a lot of time and resources for an organisation’s SOC team. Now we are proud to announce this new service that allows customers to tailor Kaspersky’s recognised threat research capabilities to the specific needs of their company.”

More information on the service is available here.

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