Panasonic, McAfee team up to develop vehicle SOC

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Panasonic and McAfee have joined forces to develop a vehicle security operation centre (vehicle SOC) to commercialise vehicle security monitoring services and help protect connected vehicles against cyber attacks.

The two companies say their vehicle SOCs will enable accurate detection and early response to attacks and help improve cyber security measures in the automotive industry.

Panasonic has been operating SOCs for factories since 2016 to protect systems and networks that manage and control factory equipment and production processes against attacks. In addition, it has developed an Automotive Intrusion Detection System that mounts on a vehicle, detects if a cyber attack is taking place, and what type of attack, then transmits analysis data to the vehicle SOC and the SIEM system to analyse and visualise the data received.

McAfee says it supports and builds world-class SOCs as well as managed security services and will use this knowledge to monitor cyber attacks that might be conducted against vehicles around the world.

With the development of autonomous driving, the advancement of digitalisation, and the increasing number of connected cars, the risk of attacks against automobiles grows every year.  

“It has become urgent for the automotive industry to establish mechanisms to protect and monitor vehicles from cyber attacks. The vehicle SOC will enable the provision of monitoring services to monitor connected cars around the world and contribute to the development of a safe and secure mobility society,” the companies' statement says.

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