iOCO comes on board as gold sponsor of ITWeb BPM & Automation Summit 2022

Johannesburg, 23 Jun 2022
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Organisations are having to adapt as business models are being disrupted by fast moving competitors. Across the board, they need to rethink their strategies, in the here and in the now.

One way to do this is though BPM and automation, which have been an integral part of digital transformation strategies for many years, which are helping companies to optimise and automate their business processes, and disrupt themselves. This is leading to lower costs, higher margins and even new revenue streams and markets.

“We all hear about how companies need to digitally transform, and whether or not they have begun their digital transformation journeys,” says Christiaan Kriel, Cluster Executive: Automation at iOCO, who has come on board as a gold sponsor of the ITWeb BPM & Automation Summit, happening on 29 June at The Maslow in Sandton.

“However, what we're seeing is that a lot of customers have either started and they don't know where to go next, or they haven't even begun,” he explains.

He says at the summit, iOCO aims to answer questions such as how businesses can automate as much as they can, and as fast as they can. “We've got a business completely focused on business process automation, which drives our customers towards intelligent hyperautomation with an advisory led and technology agnostic approach. We believe this brings value to any customer on their automation journey regardless of current or future IT landscape, a key reason why we wanted to be involved in the event."

According to Kriel, automation programmes that are effective are making use of a blend of tools and technologies in the automation landscape. “We're going to spend some time on what works, what doesn’t and how companies can drive business value through an effective automation programme.”

At the summit, he says iOCO will be talking about not only the technology component of these tools, but also how it will impact businesses internally as well as externally.

In addition, delegates will have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge by speaking to leading vendors in the BPM and automation space, and will gain insight from expert speakers. They will learn about the global trends in BPM and how it is evolving, and will have the opportunity to speak to leading vendors in this sector.

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