Case study: How OneView enables banking

Johannesburg, 16 Oct 2019
Read time 50sec

Nebula has written about how the banking industry is changing several times before. With innovators like TymeBank, SA’s first digital bank, using cloud-based technologies to redefine banking models – and to disrupt more traditional banking models in the process – the entire industry is being pressured to step up their digital game.

These changes are often accompanied by a rise in complexity, which can be difficult to manage. That’s where Nebula comes in. Nebula is in the business of helping businesses manage this new technology infrastructure to make sure everything is performing as it should and to provide the visibility they need to ensure costs don’t get out of control.

The following case study showcases how Nebula used OneView, its premier enterprise technology expense management system, to enable the operations and cost management processes at one of SA’s major banks.

Take a look.

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