Bitcoin trading platforms

Johannesburg, 21 Apr 2021
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Bitcoin made its appearance on the financial market in 2009. It is a digital currency, which many people started trading in soon after its developer or founder Nakamoto introduced it.

When the history of this currency is examined, it will reveal that some people managed to make money on it, while others lost theirs. Many people have been facing difficulty when it comes to trading in Bitcoin, or even finding an exchange to purchase it. There are many advantages to crypto, but one first needs to understand it before you know how it can be used. First and foremost, you need to establish what Bitcoin is. It has been described as a new method of peer-to-peer transactions. What this means is that bitcoin can be used to purchase just about anything that you may need in your daily life.

How do you trade with Bitcoin?

This process involves investing in foreign currencies; what you need to do is quite simple. Firstly, you need to purchase the coin at a certain cost and then you need to sell it for a higher value. The trading option requires you to do so on the stock markets and other trading tools. The costs involved when trading with Bitcoin is much lower than if you were trading with any other stock. The reason for this is because, on the platforms where this currency gets traded, there is no need for expensive fees to be charged; the transactions there are much smaller as well. I am sure that everyone has experienced the frustration of wanting to purchase and item online, only to find that your service provider does not allow it. Well, with Bitcoin, those frustrations can be a thing of the past – when you wish to transfer Bitcoin to anyone as a payment, all you would need is the purchaser's Bitcoin address. The transfer is hassle-free and immediate.

Safety aspect when paying with Bitcoin

The anonymous payment aspect of a transaction with Bitcoin is the best feature. The fact that you can purchase anything from anyone and transfer the funds to the seller immediately is amazing. There is no need to exchange banking details or even physical addresses. The transactions happen quickly and easily and are done in no time. Because Bitcoin is not governed by any authorities, it makes purchasing things from anywhere in the world that much more of a smooth process. There are no exchange rates or even transfer fees to consider. It is just so much faster and safer to manage your Bitcoin account because there are no bank charges or even verification processes that have to be done. It is as simple as just buying and paying in one swift motion.

What is Bitcoin Compass?

Bitcoin Compass offers software that scrutinises all the crypto markets. It then affords you several trading opportunities available in the market that could be profitable to you. The robust algorithm means the software is accurate and fast and opens a trade as soon as an opportunity presents itself. The software automatically updates regularly. The algorithm assists with the 0.01-second jump that takes place, so the software can determine in which direction the market is headed. This revolutionary software allows the trader to see the price of the asset even before the value has been decided. The robot does all of this for you and then executes the trade.


Bitcoin Compass has changed the face of trading as we know it, making it that much easier to make money on the markets. No wonder there has been such a rave and hype around this platform.

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