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Ricky Pereira, Dell Enterprise Manager at Pinnacle ICT.
Ricky Pereira, Dell Enterprise Manager at Pinnacle ICT.

A survey on storage solutions, being conducted by ITWeb in partnership with Pinnacle-Dell Technologies, has gone live on ITWeb. 

Ricky Pereira, Dell Enterprise Manager at Pinnacle ICT, says the survey aims to identify how far South Aftican businesses are with their digital transformation when it comes to  storage technologies they have used, or are considering using.

“We’re all aware that technology is constantly changing and innovating, so it’s interesting to compare a group of different companies and see what they think is relevant and working in today’s world – and whether they think their company is currently there," says Pereira.

Citing an IDC white paper, The Business Value of Storage Solutions from Dell Technologies, Pereira says IT teams are having to juggle declining budgets against business demands for higher performance, agility, availability and scalability.

“Prompted by the demands of digital transformation, almost 70% of organisations are planning to modernise their server, storage, and data protection infrastructure in the next several years and are looking to specific technology to help streamline IT infrastructure while meeting all these new requirements.”

With that in mind we would like to hear how your company will be modernising its storage and data protection infrastructure.

In this survey, we ask respondents which types of storage technologies they’ve considered, the age of their current storage solution and which backup storage solutions they use. 

By completing the questionnaire you will contribute towards a local trends report and you'll stand a chance to win a Takealot voucher to the value of R3 000. 

The detailed results of the survey, and the prize winner, will be published on ITWeb.

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