Alison Job

HPE breaks barriers with technology

The company uses tech to break down barriers in healthcare, financial services and activities such as motor racing and swimming.


The future of your online identity

The use of a username and password to prove your identity on the Internet is becoming an increasingly insecure method, says Mike Groenewald, Cloud Consultant at BUI.


Education gets smart

Technology is being implemented in education in various ways: via computers, multifunctional devices and connectivity solutions, or technology that keeps the school secure, says Mark Taylor, CEO, Nashua.


Document management – keeping it legal

Implementing tech to automate processes, regardless of the nature of the business, frees up valuable resources to conduct more productive tasks, says Mark Taylor, CEO of Nashua.


The future of digital printing is now

Digital printing is enabling ongoing innovation in the packaging sector.


The build or buy dilemma

What sort of IT systems will be required to ensure the success of the NHI project?


Responsible artificial intelligence in the supply chain

Developing countries can gain significant supply chain efficiency with the responsible use of AI.

Aug 30, 2019

Hybrid learning in Africa

Hybrid VILT learning is ideal for the African market as people in various locations can take part in diverse online training classes at convenient times.

Aug 29, 2019

The paperless boardroom

The days of the one-directional presentation are gone. Enter the interactive whiteboard.


Keeping an eye on the farm

Like other businesses, farmers are using technology such as AI and IOT to prevent security breaches and protect their workers, property and assets, says Mark Taylor, CEO, Nashua.

Aug 26, 2019

Access is key to cloud security

Unauthorised access is one of the biggest threats to cloud security, says AVeS Cyber Security.

Aug 21, 2019

The cloud’s impact on our skies

Nacelle Aviation explores the challenges facing airlines today and the role of technology in keeping them up to speed.