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Staying abreast of skills development trends

CTU Training Solutions says its skills development programmes reflect the growth and changes that occur in the South African skills development environment.


Cyber security culture survey goes live

Respondents stand a chance to win a lucky draw prize, a Takealot voucher valued at R5 000.

Cloud ComputingDec 5, 2023

Survey: Load-shedding a key factor in move to cloud

ITWeb partnered with Huawei Cloud to examine cloud usage trends in South Africa, as well as concerns when moving to the public cloud.


Taking the robot out of the human

CTU Corporate Training Unlimited held a masterclass on harnessing artificial intelligence in human resources.

InnovationsOct 12, 2023

Survey: SA business is on board with generative AI

An ITWeb / KnowBe4 survey on GenAI revealed the extent of its adoption by SA organisations.

Barcodes and RFIDSept 29, 2023

The bar code and the economy

Initially, bar codes were used to label and identify products, but have evolved to provide valuable information on how to market your products, says Kemtek.

Cloud ComputingSept 21, 2023

Cloud trends survey goes live

Complete our survey on cloud trends and you could win a Takealot voucher worth R3 000.


What is the horseshoe nail in your project management office?

In order to achieve a project management goal, you need three things: visibility, value delivery and an interconnected organisation.


Generative AI survey goes live

Share your views on the business use of generative AI and how you mitigate the risks associated with it.

EnterpriseAug 24, 2023

Is AI helping or hindering women in tech?

Women bring a unique perspective to problem solving as well as the evolution of technology, AI and machine learning.

CXAug 24, 2023

SURVEY: AI is unavoidable. Adopt or die.

Consumer-driven AI is compelling businesses to adopt AI at a speed they’re struggling to keep up with.

EnterpriseAug 21, 2023

Challenges faced by women in business

Access to financial aid is one of the most significant barriers to women starting their businesses.