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Touch less or touchless? Not quite the same thing

Using sign on glass removes the risk involved in having multiple people touching a pen and paper in a world in which people are increasingly wary of touching surfaces touched by others.


The future of energy

Many businesses want to go off-grid, but don’t know where to start on their alternative energy journeys.


Instant ID as a service (IIDaas)

IIDaas enables the convergence of digital and physical user credentials by enabling digital tokens on the user’s smartphone, smart watch or any other mobile device.


Three ways to support your WFH employees

Businesses must recognise people’s effort, acknowledge that they are working hard and show them appreciation for their dedication in difficult times.


SaaS – addressing customer pain points

Software as a service simplifies the lives of people accessing platforms remotely.


Rise of the SME reseller – where the rubber hits the road

Customers – including the public sector – are increasingly pushing their spending towards smaller resellers to support transformation, says Tarsus Distribution.


Heat mapping in retail: know your customer

Heat mapping cameras that show retailers how today’s shoppers move through their store and where they spend the most time can provide the store owner with invaluable data.


Transforming banking through CX

Branch transformation enables an omnichannel experience. Customers can start a transaction using the app on their device and complete it at the branch without having to wait in a queue.


Unlocking the value of paper and shifting to digitisation

Change management not only drives the adoption of new processes, but also people’s understanding of the benefits of those processes.


Growing value of video security, analytics tech in public safety

Body worn video increases officer safety and accountability, yet initially the technology can be met with negativity by personnel who believe it will invade their privacy.

Jun 29, 2021

Advanced technology: making SA safer

Digital technologies such as land mobile radio, bespoke software and body worn video cameras can contribute to greater safety for emergency responders and members of the public.


Survey: Is IT service management dead or simply evolving?

Only half of respondents to a recent survey said they use a self- service portal.