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Data centre management? There’s an app for that

Data centre infrastructure management software enables the management of all aspects of the data centre across multiple sites.


Data security and the pandemic

Data has to be protected both at rest and in transit, says ETS Group.


The biggest obstacle to solar power

Solar energy has many benefits: it’s cleaner than alternatives; can be tailor-made to the business or residence; and is scalable, so can grow with future requirements, says Sizwe Africa IT Group.


Survey: App development security practices unveiled

Survey reveals mixed results in application development processes.


The circle of data is key to public safety

Communication tech for frontline responders needs to be simple to use so the officer can focus on the heat of the moment without having to focus on tricky technology, says Motorola Solutions.


POPIA Condition 7 – what you should know

Condition 7 requires businesses to secure all of the personal information they have by implementing appropriate and reasonable security measures.

29 Oct

Acquire 4IR skills, we tell you how

Industry 4.0-related skills development needs to take place on several levels, with learners being exposed to both soft skills and technical skills components.


Digital marketing: What COVID-19 has taught us

More than 50% of marketers today believe that digital marketing has an edge over traditional marketing methods, says Ovations Group.


What customers want in the next normal

Suppliers can ensure they are offering customers the right solutions by regularly surveying their changing requirements and adapting their own business accordingly, says Karen Stretch, head of Marketing at Kemtek.

Oct 23, 2020

Green is good business

Based on the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard, companies need to implement projects and initiatives around sustainability.


Partner onboarding in the B2B space

Automating the onboarding process with applicable technology, solutions and dedicated resources will enable you to service your customers and transact without delay.


Don’t panic over POPIA

Companies should use POPIA as an opportunity to improve their overall data governance, with an incremental approach and spreading out the cost over a period of time.