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A domain by any other name

The last few letters of an Internet address say so much about the owner of the Web site.


Technology’s role in fleet safety management

Data analytics helps fleet owners to overcome challenges like fuel theft and driver behaviour, so they can improve both their fleet and employees' performance, says Mark Taylor, CEO of Nashua.


Know your business to survive

A big technology shift is going to come along and change print as we know it in the next five to 10 years, says OKI.


Things you should know about document retention

You could be fined R10 million for storing documents incorrectly, says Nashua.

14 Nov

Focus on IOT

It’s not enough just to have IOT; it has to make a significant difference to your business's bottom line.


Cyber attacks require a multifaceted defence

It takes a while for cybercriminals to find what they want, so you have time, albeit limited, to monitor an attack, respond and deal with it, says Alan Campbell, Head of Business Development at Mitigate.


AI’s role in document management

Digitalisation of policy-related processes and activities will overcome the shortcomings of the traditional manual-driven systems.


Why banking apps crash

The agile DevOps process that they’re using doesn’t include quality control and release management across the whole.


The smart and agile workspace

Corporates are reassessing the size of their workplaces to save costs and accommodate new working trends, where shared space and remote work are key.


Healthcare as a business

Technology helps in freeing up a specialist’s time so they can see more patients, while ensuring that patients get the customer experience they expect, says Mark Taylor, CEO, Nashua.

Oct 29, 2019

Did your hobby just become a business?

Investing in the right technology plays a key role in helping to get small businesses off the ground, says Karen Stretch, marketing manager for Kemtek Imaging Systems.

Oct 28, 2019

Connectivity, the PBX and the call centre

A virtual PBX eliminates the need for expensive and complicated equipment on-site because everything is hosted in the cloud.