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Data-driven vs data-led decisions

Good data-led or data-driven decisions require context, integrity and validation.


Partnerships supporting SMMEs

During the initial stages of lockdown, SMMEs found it harder than ever to continue to do business, with a high percentage closing their doors. At the same time, the country’s unemployment rate skyrocketed.


Survey: 20% of workloads are in the cloud

We reveal the key findings of the ITWeb/IBM Hybrid Cloud Survey.


Automation during a pandemic

The companies best equipped to empower a remote workforce had already put in place collaborative cloud-based tools, says Barry Venter, CEO of Nashua.


AR steps up to remote support

The remote collaboration tool enables technical experts in an entirely different location to receive a live video feed as someone onsite – wearing smart glasses – examines and services the equipment.


The helpdesk of the future

A ticketing system enables tracking of the query and provides visibility into the route that the ticket takes on its journey to resolution, says Barry Venter, CEO of Nashua.


The changing role of telcos

Partnerships, leveraging existing assets, aggregation and connectivity are key if telcos wish to be significant ICT role players, says Sudipto Moitra, GM for ICT at MTN Business.


Choosing the right alternative energy solution for you

Nashua CEO Barry Venter provides the questions you should ask before deciding to invest in a solution, as well as the questions a provider ought to be asking you.


AI sets gold standard in service management

Enterprises across the world have shifted the focus towards service management that’s effective, personalised and automated in a desire to drive customer loyalty and trust.

Mar 11, 2021

Survey uncovers mainframe vulnerabilities

ITWeb and Micro Focus South Africa conducted a Mainframe Access and Security Survey to examine the state of enterprise-level mainframe security in SA.

Mar 10, 2021

Long-term cost savings of deploying alternative energy

The three key drivers of alternative energy adoption are load-shedding, load reduction and a significant increase in the cost of electricity.

Mar 8, 2021

Seeing double

Laptop manufacturers have developed the concept of introducing a secondary display on laptops to facilitate multitasking.