Alison Job

End-of-life isn't the end of the world

What should you do when support is withdrawn for the operating system on your mobile handheld device? And what does that mean for your business?


A whole new world of service

Robotics is changing how service is delivered across the enterprise.


Cut database costs

Outsourcing your database infrastructure management to a service provider can significantly reduce your IT costs.

16 Apr

Prepare your people for the cloud

Businesses moving to the cloud must ask themselves whether they're ready to do so, from a people perspective and not just a technology perspective, says BUI.


The digital transformation opportunity

We're entering a new wave of digital transformation that's being driven by IOT, AI and blockchain. These technologies can be regarded as either a challenge or an opportunity. Businesses can learn how to turn them into the latter.

12 Apr

Learners are doing it for themselves

What happens to learners post-learnership? Not much, and we're to blame, says EduPower's Sivarajan Naidoo.


How does CSR tie into digital transformation?

Digital transformation is a non-negotiable in a data-driven digital world. Everybody is doing it. The next evolution, and one identified by Atos, is sustainable digital transformation.

9 Apr

Learnerships can improve unemployment figures

Companies can make a significant difference to the country's frighteningly high unemployment statistics by getting involved in learnership programmes.

2 Apr

Is your job robot-proof?

Robots and automation are going to significantly change the workplace of the future.


Bringing buildings to life

Turning a two-dimensional drawing of a building on a piece of paper into a three-dimensional object is easier than one would imagine. Lynton Dent, business development engineer at Rapid 3D, explains how it's done, as well as why you'd want to.


Service excellence in healthcare

Innovative technology enhancing healthcare service delivery that's positively impacting the lives of Western Cape citizens.

Mar 19, 2019

Are you still shuffling paper?

Three-quarters of businesses still rely on some paper-based processes.