Matter Manager – the future of legal matter management

Johannesburg, 02 Jun 2022
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Simply put, in the 21st century, most industries have systematically updated or upgraded how they work, whether it is to keep up to date with the expectations of their clientele, to boost productivity or to address and resolve budgetary constraints. With all these technological advances shaping the world as we know it, is there an opportunity for the legal industry to fully embrace this shift?

Raphael Segal, Director of Legal Interact, believes that having a system in place to manage all these tedious and heavy administrative tasks allow legal practitioners to focus on what they do best, and that is practising law. This system is called Matter Manager and, by embracing this new technological way of conducting your business, you can find, track and manage various areas in the legal team.

Importance of Matter Manager

  • The legal environment

The legal environment is complex, from difficult laws to intertwined processes and procedures, MM as an integrated system centralises all that is required by the in-house counsel.

  • Staff shortages

Matter Manager serves to complement staff shortages, managing the administrative burden that comes with legal work, allowing the legal team more time to focus on important tasks.

  • Cost management

Matter Manager allows for the high-level oversight of external costs such as those for advocates, legal experts and other external service providers.

  • Matter Manager USPs

Legal work is intricate and nuanced, procedures are different based on several factors, Matter Manager – as integrated as it is – acts as a central hub that communicates different requests, case status and workflows, and allows for reporting and supply budgetary overviews.

Matter Manager features and functions

  • Customised workflows
  • Templates
  • Centralised document repository
  • Task and action allocation

With humans being able to track anything through digital devices, why not give them the same ability with regards to their legal requests or requirements? The technology exists, it just needs to be embraced, and now is the opportune time to do it!

If you would like to find out more about Matter Manager, you can simply book your demo by e-mailing, calling us on (+27) 719 2000 or by visiting our website

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