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Zensar partners with Education Africa to support students of Business Management

Students have been awarded a scholarship, Internet data and mentorship while studying remotely, enabling them to pursue higher studies and, in this way, alleviate poverty.

Johannesburg, 10 Dec 2019
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Zensar, a leading digital solutions and technology services company that specialises in partnering with organisations across industries on their digital transformation journey, has announced that it has partnered with Education Africa in its education and skills development programme for underprivileged local students. At a recent event, the Zensar team expressed their support to 15 students from the University of South Africa (Unisa) to enable them to study Business Management remotely. The students were empowered with a scholarship, monthly Internet data and mentorship.

Sandeep Kishore, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Zensar, said: “To us, training the future generation of professionals is of paramount importance. We continuously partner with like-minded organisations such as Education Africa to help in educating the youth. They are the future of this great country and, being a digital company, we are delighted to support new-age learning.”

Commenting on this occasion, James Urdang, the CEO and Founder of Education Africa, said: “We appreciate the efforts of companies like Zensar in supporting our initiative to influence the country’s growth by educating the future generation of South Africans. We acknowledge the Zensar team for their unwavering support in enabling tertiary education opportunities for disadvantaged South Africans by taking the university to where they live.”

Harish Lala, Senior Vice-President and Head, South Africa at Zensar, commented: “We look forward to working with Education Africa on initiatives where the youth of SA have opportunities to study further. We are committed to this cause and appreciate the dedication of these young students, who are striving hard to achieve their dreams.”

At this well-attended event, teams from Zensar and Education Africa spent time with the 15 students who were awarded this scholarship. The students also spent time understanding real-life experiences at work from the Zensar team. The students acknowledged the opportunity they had received as they can now afford higher studies, which was not a possibility before. The scholarship has afforded them an opportunity to acquire knowledge at no cost and, in this way, alleviate poverty through a robust education system.

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