Webinar: How the threat landscape has changed with COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdowns have dramatically changed the cyber risk landscape, with cyber criminals across the globe quickly taking advantage of new vulnerabilities.

In response to the evolving threat landscape, Fortinet is hosting a series of free on-demand webinars. The educational series kicks off with ‘How the threat landscape has changed with COVID-19’.

Doros Hadjizenonos, regional sales director at Fortinet says  FortiGuard Labs, the security firm’s threat research group, has tracked billions of security events daily which has helped them gain a better understanding of the tactics being used to carry out cyber attacks, as well as how breaches can be prevented.

The research group has noted a significant spike in the number of new threats during the pandemic. 

“While providing secure remote access for employees has long been a key focus for IT teams, supporting a fully remote workforce with little to no notice has complicated matters,” he says. “IT security teams might find themselves overwhelmed by considerations such as whether all remote users need the same capabilities, whether the existing infrastructure can support and scale to the new remote workforce, and how the cloud can be leveraged to gain speed and agility.”

Fortinet’s senior security strategists Derek Manky, Aamir Lahkani and product and solutions director Peter Newton will discuss how the pandemic has changed the threat landscape as well as the techniques being used by hackers to compromise networks.

In addition, the panel will examine some of the successful breaches that have happened around the globe during the pandemic, and key findings from FortiGuard Labs' research will be presented by Manky.

To register for the on-demand webinar click here.

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