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New robotic decision automation software gives resource-strapped security teams equivalent of 14 security experts with Respond Analyst

Johannesburg, 16 May 2019
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Robotic decision automation (RDA) is a new class of software automation pre-built with reasoning and decision-making skills needed to tackle the complexity and high volume of data-facing security teams today. It is scalable, flexible, expert-trained software that emulates human reasoning for faster analysis and decision-making.

RDA combines the best of human judgment with the scale and consistent depth of analysis in software. RDA delivers rapid and continuous value in an easy-to-deploy package. ROI is nearly instant, with "decision-bots" that come out-of-the-box ready to make sound cyber security decisions. No more authoring of rules, developing scripts, or processing big data sets. Decision-bots literally perform like an expert security analyst immediately.

Murray Benadie, MD of Zenith Systems, says: "This new class of technology is a vital game-changer for organisations trying to stay one step ahead of cyber criminals. Having been in cyber security for many years, we have become conscious of the huge challenge our customers have in hiring and retaining suitably skilled cyber security professionals.

ITWeb Security Summit 2019

Now in its 14th year, ITWeb Security Summit brings together leading international and local experts, analysts and end-users to unpack the latest threats facing African CISOs, CIOs, security specialists and risk officers. Register before 8 March to take advantage of the early bird discount. To find out more, click here.

"There is just such a shortage that it is almost impossible to stay sufficiently staffed, particularly at a reasonable cost. Furthermore, businesses and their security operations struggle to keep pace with an overwhelming amount of security alerts generated in ever-changing IT and threat environments. This new class of software, robotic decision automation (RDA), automates deep human analytical reasoning in easily deployed packages to help CISOs and their teams extend the capacity of their understaffed, frontline security teams.

"With built-in expert judgment delivered via 'decision bots', teams become vastly, by orders of magnitude, more effective with faster, more accurate decisions about the likelihood of security incidents, which leads to quicker, more informed, responses. The Respond Analyst enables large teams to better allocate resources across reactive and proactive security tasks, help small teams extend their capabilities to 24/7/365 and empower every team to monitor and triage security events at unprecedented speed, scale and consistency. "

Benadie continues: "Respond has been hugely valuable to customers with or without SIEM/SOC solutions, as it can be used either in conjunction with SIEM tools such as Splunk and QRadar or as a standalone solution. Adding the equivalent of 14 human analysts with just one 'virtual analyst' is hugely compelling."

Respond Software

Respond Software delivers instant return on investment (ROI) to organisations in their battle against cyber crime. With its patented intelligent decision engine, PGO, Respond Software's product uniquely combines the best of human expert judgment with the scale and consistency of software. The quick-to-implement Respond cyber security automation software delivers the equivalent of a virtual, best-of-breed analyst team that dramatically increases capacity and improves monitoring and triage capabilities at a fraction of the cost. Respond Software was founded in 2016 by security and software industry veterans.

Zenith Systems (Stand 5, ITWeb Security Summit 2019)

Zenith Systems has specialised in supplying, implementing and supporting cyber security solutions over the past nine years and have deployed these at many of the major corporate and government institutions in South Africa.

Zenith Systems is the exclusive reseller of the industry leading Respond RDA solution and will officially launch Respond RDA at the ITWeb Security Summit 2019.

In addition to the Respond RDA solution, Zenith Systems also deploys SIEM solutions for sensitive data management (for POPIA and GDPR, etc), cyber deception and cog-sec, which is designed to change, at a cognitive level, risky user behaviour pertaining to e-mail and Web use.

Zenith Systems will be participating in the ITWeb Security Summit. In an increasingly connected, digital world, cyber security threats are constantly evolving and increasing in number and sophistication. Security professionals need to be up to speed with the latest technologies, techniques and skills for predicting and mitigating potentially crippling cyber attacks, the methods and tools in use by today's threat actors, and the latest legal and compliance demands. ITWeb Security Summit 2019, now in its 14th year, will again bring together leading international and local industry experts, analysts and end-users to unpack the latest threats facing African CISOs, CIOs, security specialists and risk officers, demystify emerging cyber security strategies in AI, blockchain, IOT, DevSecOps and more, and explain how to increase an organisation's cyber resilience.


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