SGT Solutions successfully deploys Aviat Radios in chemical and energy sector

Johannesburg, 18 Mar 2022
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Indran Pillai and Danie Theron – SGT Solutions Business Unit Heads.
Indran Pillai and Danie Theron – SGT Solutions Business Unit Heads.

A global integrated chemicals and energy company spanning 30 countries - converting coal into liquid fuels, pipeline gas and a broad spectrum of chemical feedstock - selected Aviat microwave radio for its refreshed communications network.

The plant needed a solution for connecting their TETRA sites that provides mission critical communication and plays an integral part of the safe and efficient functioning of the plant to ensure the smooth operation of a world class organisation.

Fact sheet
Solution: Aviat microwave radio
Industry: Chemical and energy
Provider: SGT Solutions
User: Global integrated chemicals and energy company

SGT Solutions, in partnership with Aviat Networks (SA) (and local distributor), fulfilled the requirement with an industry-leading point-to-point microwave solution for the plant.

The preferred solution was the Aviat WTM 4000 all outdoor radios, considered to be the industry-leading radio with the highest capacity in a single transceiver, and exceptional price and performance.

The adaptive dual carrier (A2C+) feature enables two channels over a single transceiver, leading to twice the capacity compared to single header radios, or half the transceiver hardware as compared to dual-header radios. This means, less cost and power consumption per bit with more capacity.

Other features include 112MHz channels, 4096QAM, header compression and a built-in spectrum analyser with which you have the power to detect interference, determine alternative channel options, elimination of the source with the regulator and deliver exceptional service to your customers. Aviat Networks has also introduced the multi-band radio combining 80GHz with 11/13/15/18/23GHz bands in a single compact device which can make your network ready to deliver 5G services with high capacity and reliability.

This network consists of 22 point-to-point links connecting 19 TETRA sites. This includes nine sites located in the close proximity of the production plant and 10 sites located outside the plant. The furthest site is located 35km from the technical operating centre.

The network of 22 links was designed with a mix of 18GHz and 7GHz radios. This includes four high-capacity links with the transmission capacity of 500Mbps and 18 links with the transmission capacity of 230Mbps.

All links on this network can be upgraded to double the transmission capacity with licence and software upgrades only. The WTM 4000 features, including QinQ, which allows frames from multiple services to be tunnelled between the TETRA sites using service VLANs, QOS to guarantee high-priority traffic takes precedence over the lower priority traffic and Adaptive Coding & Modulation (ACM) which uses a rate adaptation algorithm that adapts the modulation and coding scheme according to the quality of the radio channel.

These features together with design of the network in a ring configuration for redundancy guarantees robustness and stability of the network. The Aviat radios also offer mean time before failure (MTBF) reliability figures approaching a 100 years, which ensures the ease of support on networks deployed with these radios.

“SGT Solutions was able to seamlessly solution a backhaul network that provided the highest value realisation for our customer with no QoS compromise,” notes Suraj Ramlall, GM, SGT Solutions.

The Aviat WTM 4000 radios deployed on the plant are managed by ProVision Plus which is Aviat’s next-generation management and application platform, designed from the ground up to minimise the total cost of ownership and maximise the intelligence and flexibility of modern complex wireless transport networks. ProVision Plus is an easy to use web-based system accessed via modern web browsers such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. No client application installation is required, minimising deployment and support cost.

With over 70 years of industry experience, Aviat knows wireless transport better than anyone and continues to be the leading expert in wireless transport solutions. Aviat works to provide dependable products, service and support to its customers.

With more than one million systems sold into 170 countries worldwide, communications service providers, government agencies, energy companies and enterprises trust Aviat with their critical applications. Aviat’s innovations including their portfolio of wireless routers and high power, high capacity radios lead the industry and deliver outstanding network capacity, reliability and performance. The solutions from Aviat Networks are expressly designed to simplify the entire lifecycle of designing, deploying and maintaining wireless networks, and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

SGT Solutions was born out of the Grintek Group of companies in 1993 and has been providing network operators with equipment and knowledge-based services ever since. Today SGT is a proudly South African, black-owned, Level 1 B-BBEE company with ISO certification for Quality Management, Health and Safety as well as Environmental Management.

SGT has been providing telecoms network equipment to network operators for 25 years and is the reseller of products from internationally renowned original equipment manufacturers. SGT has now transformed from being product dominant to service focused.

SGT Solutions is proud in successfully implementing and supporting many large and complex network solutions in South Africa. This exposure in working with these large and complex networks has afforded our support teams a vast amount of experience and a strong reputation for delivering on time and to our customers' satisfaction. Our customers include mobile as well as fixed-line operators and span across multimedia service providers, government, public safety and providers of mission-critical services.

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