Condyn adds Cryoserver to Security Framework

Johannesburg, 16 Jan 2006
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Condyn, a leading security distributor, announces the addition of Cryoserver`s Forensic Archiving and Compliance Solution to its Security Framework.

Jorina Van Rensburg, CEO of Condyn, commented: "This partnership with Cryoserver is a representation of how important effective e-mail management is becoming in the marketplace. We see that organisations, both large and small, recognise that so much can depend on the contents of just one single e-mail.

"Cryoserver`s solution and approach is refreshingly simple meaning we can easily differentiate, adding significant value, over the more legacy cumbersome `archiving` alternatives. It`s fit with the Condyn Security Frameworks means that we can now provide a uniquely comprehensive security portfolio, that helps ensure that a company can meet its own corporate governance best practice as well as regulatory requirements for protecting private and confidential information."

"South Africa is an important and sophisticated market. The addition of Condyn demonstrates the rapid growth and further potential of Cryoserver in the marketplace," said Paul Grossman, Managing Director of Cryoserver.

"It is a testament that a high profile distributor such as Condyn has committed the time to undergo our tough vetting process to become our partner. It goes without saying they needed to acquire good knowledge of the product, but perhaps more impressive was their ability to demonstrate high standards of compliance knowledge."

Stuart Winter, Sales Director of Condyn, commented: "E-mail systems typically contain 70% or more of a company`s critical data, including:

* Contracts and subsequent variations to contract terms
* Financial performance and planning data
* Health and safety notices
* Human resources records and employee private information
* Legal advice and counsel
* Intellectual property of varying kinds (designs, business plans, processes, etc)

"Much of which is never printed out, residing only in electronic format. It is critical in order to comply with increasing regulation, both national and international, as well as corporate best practice and governance, that companies can enforce policies, including specifically which information can leave the business through the e-mail, HTTP and FTP streams, who is entitled to send it and who is allowed to receive it. Condyn`s Security Framework already provides a best of breed integrated modular portfolio for the comprehensive needs of companies, both large and small, for inbound and outbound protection, including digital asset security and regulatory compliance modules. However, we understood that companies also have to be able to prove, beyond doubt, what e-mails and attachments came into the business, what left, and what went around internally. This is where Cryoserver plays."

"Organisations are now spending increasing time searching historic e-mail and other electronic messaging records. Those who have been party to a discovery exercise or tried finding important but misplaced e-mails know the level of work and expense that can be involved," noted Andre Grove, Product Director at Condyn.

"Problems of offline storage - often on tape, lost records, failed backups, personal end-user mail stores, different e-mail systems, and the uncertainty of data integrity, all threaten an organisation`s ability to be certain that it has access, quickly and cheaply, to all archived data.

"Cryoserver`s sealed appliances provide a complete, audited, tamper-evident repository of e-mails and instant messages sent to, from and around an organisation, suitable for legal and regulatory compliance and for providing e-mails in court with high evidential weight. Cryoserver is often likened to a black box flight recorder for electronic communications combined with Internet search engine-like performance and simplicity."

Mike Berry, Sales VP of Cryoserver, said: "Cryoserver is the world`s leading forensic archiving and compliance solution for e-mail, instant messaging and other electronic records. Enterprises, businesses and governments rely on Cryoserver for assurance surrounding the retention and access of critical business, operational and publicly held information."


Condyn has been focused on delivering and supporting best of breed security solutions within the African market for over 10 years, and has a long, well established proven relationship with both partners and customers. It recently announced its `Condyn Security Framework`, an integrated security suite of products aimed at providing comprehensive defence for the demanding needs of organisations, both large and small.

This framework, delivered as scaleable modules through high quality partners, includes solutions to protect companies from all inbound and outbound threats, secure digital assets and comply with regulatory compliance, lock down HTTP / FTP streams and URLs, deliver secure mobile e-mail, encrypt and secure USB ports, servers and files, provide powerful management reporting and policy flexibility, as well as delivering options for e-mail and e-mail security business continuity and disaster recovery. To this suite it has now added Cryoserver, the most powerful forensic compliance solution for e-mail, HTTP and instant messaging.


Cryoserver is an e-mail management system that provides assurance surrounding the retention and access of critical business information. Cryoserver makes an audit copy of every e-mail into, out of and around an organisation through a black box recorder and method of searching that`s as simple and fast as an Internet search engine.

Businesses and governments rely on Cryoserver to help protect their reputations, speedily resolve disputes, reduce litigation charges, deter theft of intellectual property, provide employee productivity gains and comply with seemingly conflicting legal and regulatory requirements for data retention.

Cryoserver Ltd is a UK company based in London working with global partners and resellers in major markets across the world.

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