Why use Baan for Y2K?

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The question regarding the Y2K issue has been discussed at length. The seriousness of the situation is well researched and documented and many organisations are spending thousands to ensure that they are Y2K compliant.

The question that must be asked is what are organisations that have not embarked on a Y2K project yet and cannot afford lengthy implementations going to do? Baan managing director, Gary Lawrence provides the solution "Baan has a proven track record in installing successful business solutions from small and medium organisations (SME) to large corporates. We have clients that have gone live within three to five months."

"The secret to this, is our Dynamic Enterprise Modeling tool (DEMse), representing best of business practice models which allow organisations to purchase preconfigured software. This means that the client doesn`t have to embark on a lengthy business re-engineering project. An added advantage is the ability to dynamically change the processes on the system, allowing flexible and dynamic transformation as the company`s needs change."

"Our DEMse models are industry specific, which gives the client a sense of security and trust, knowing they are dealing with a company which understands these lines of business."

As a result of this approach Baan has captured a large percentage of the SME market not only in South Africa, but also on a global scale.

Yolanda Delport marketing and alliance manager of Baan SA comments further "We have, in conjunction with our strategic partners, developed structured financial packages to assist SMEs whose systems are not Y2K ready, such as leasing options."

Baan is experiencing tremendous growth in the SME sector especially in Africa, where there is definitely a need for quality and easy to use Y2K compliant software.

Says Lawrence, "One of our recent successes was the implementation of ERP software at Unga Foods, in Kenya. Working in a joint project team with the customer, this site went live in just three months. The quick implementation was due to the fact that we used DEMse. Because of the simplicity of the Baan software, users with little IT exposure were able to become proficient on the systems very quickly. Proof that a function rich system like Baan can be implemented easily and mastered effortlessly.

Adds Delport, "We have seen another area of tremendous growth, namely customers who are already Y2K ready. This sector is moving beyond ERP and looking at optimizing their value chain. Currently we are working with a number of our customers on e-commerce projects, as well as sales force automation through to supply chain solutions."

Concludes Lawrence, "Baan will be introducing its new component based offerings to the local market in November. As a fully integrated solution, BaanSeries enables companies to continuously streamline business processes and rapidly implement changes in their value chain, thus securing enterprise agility.

As a major leader in the IT industry, Baan strives to meet the needs of all its clients, large and small. The good news for organisations is that it`s not too late. There is still time to implement a business solution that delivers quality, efficiency and ease-of-use. Just call us.....".

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