Ovations’ process improvement enablement instrumental in Hollard driving continuous improvement philosophy

Johannesburg, 23 Nov 2021
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Putting the customer and the broker first has been an ongoing pursuit of Hollard, especially in the fast-paced insurance industry, where quality of service and rapid turnaround times are sought-after goals. By investing in the very best of capabilities and solutions, Hollard has come closer to being the country’s favourite short-term insurer.

A key strategy of Hollard has been to embed enterprise workflow across the value chain in order to track the progress of customer and broker interactions, thereby ensuring service levels and maintaining customer and broker satisfaction. Improving the customer and broker experience includes, among many things, improved processing turn-around times. This means information needs to be channelled to the right service agent with minimal delays, and that prioritisation of work is automated so that management and agents only make overriding decisions where exceptions arise. Having ready access to all related documentation, policy information and correspondence s eliminates waste and shortens processing time dramatically.

“We want our agents to focus on value-adding activities. We want the ultimate benefit of our investment in this highly service-oriented solution to reach our most valued clients – our brokers and their customers. We are now able to oversee end-to-end activities of the process, including any interface points to our systems. We can pinpoint who is doing what, where and for how long.”

“Appointing Ovations as our process automation partner has proven to be a partnership of consequence. They have assisted us in our journey to realise our strategic goals. Central to the overall solution has been their Dynamic Case Management solution – OvaFlo. The solution utilises the K2 Process engine and RedHat Business rules and has given us a platform to configure and rollout key business processes with identified outcomes. We are encouraged about what lies ahead now that we have adopted a continuous improvement philosophy,” says Pierre Geyer, Hollard Insure.

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