Skybox Security delivers industry’s most advanced exposure analysis

Network model and risk-based prioritisation provide greater visibility, insights and speed to help enterprises prevent breaches.

Johannesburg, 20 Apr 2021
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Skybox evolved its platform to support customers contending with expedited digital transformation initiatives such as cloud migration and IT/OT convergence. Customers will benefit from:

Skybox Research Lab key findings(Research: Vulnerability and threat trends report)

  • Increased agility with more granular insights delivered at a faster speed.To support bespoke organisational and operational workflow requirements, the Skybox platform includes new reporting capabilities with advanced dashboards, sophisticated data visualisation features and the ability to ingest and process more diverse datasets at higher rates. 
  • Greater visibility across hybrid networks. Skybox continues to grow its comprehensive list of 150+ technology partnerships with new connectors that combine rich data from leading SD-WAN and SASE vendors such as Versa Networks and Zscaler. This release also extends support for Check Point, Cisco and Forcepoint.
  • Optimised attack simulation. Deeper insights into exposure and risk in near real-time allow customers to develop the ideal remediation strategy and reduce mean time to remediation (MTTR). Customers with highly complex network models will significantly benefit from these performance enhancements.

The Skybox Security Posture Management Platform is the only solution that analyses and validates network, cloud and security configurations together to proactively gain full context, understand the attack surface and remediate threats faster.

The industry’s most comprehensive exposure analysis

Enterprises must optimise remediation strategies to focus quickly on the highest exposure risk to address the rise in vulnerabilities, expanding attack surface, sophisticated threat actors and talent shortages. To calculate exposure, Skybox identifies exploitable vulnerabilities and uniquely correlates this data with network configurations and security controls to determine possible exposure.

Exposure analysis is only possible when disparate data repositories are normalised and brought together into a network model, including patch and asset management systems, vulnerability data, threat intelligence feeds, cloud and network device configurations. The network model provides a dynamic representation of hybrid environments across corporate networks, private cloud, public cloud and OT. 

Skybox uniquely enables multi-factor risk prioritisation to conduct the most comprehensive exposure analysis available today through a combination of:

  • CVSS scoring: calculated by importing and merging data from multiple active scanners, Web and application scans, EDR integrations, and Skybox’s own passive detection capabilities;
  • Asset importance: identifies if assets are mission-critical or would expose sensitive data;
  • Exploitability: determines if a vulnerability has been exploited in the wild, with Skybox Research Lab tracking tens of thousands of new vulnerabilities yearly on more than 8 000 products; and
  • Exposure analysis: determines which attack vectors can be exploited given the security controls and their configurations.

“I look at data from scanners and say, so what? I need to understand what the true risk is that I’m carrying. I need to know what other controls I have in place and whether I should put in time and effort to apply a patch,” said Dr Rebecca Wynn, chief information security officer. “Failing to ask, ‘so what?’ is a critical failure. To make the data useful, I need to know what needs to be patched first and what the order of patches needs to be.”

Accelerated platform adoption

A diverse list of new customers implemented Skybox in 2020, including Fortune 1000 companies, major financial institutions, energy and utility leaders, large retailers, healthcare organisations, numerous federal agencies and local governments. Skybox also saw continued expansion of its Vulnerability and Threat Management Solution, particularly in highly regulated, complex industries, including financial services and critical infrastructure. Nearly 60% of sales came from existing satisfied customers expanding their deployments.

Platform overview: Skybox Security Posture Management Platform

Research: Vulnerability and threat trends report

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