New NetIQ PlateSpin Forge 700 series boosts protection against physical, virtual server workload outages, disasters

Johannesburg, 04 Sep 2014
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NetIQ South Africa has introduced PlateSpin Forge 700 disaster recovery appliances to protect physical and virtual server workloads in the event of a production server outage or disaster.

Connie Grobler, technical specialist for identity and security management at NetIQ South Africa, says the PlateSpin Forge 700 series appliances protect 60% more workloads while providing significantly higher performance and capacity than the previous generation 500 series.

"This is an all-in-one solution with advanced capabilities, including disaster recovery requirements sizing and sand-boxed virtual testing that ensures the PlateSpin Forge 700 series provides a high capacity, high performance recovery environment which powers enterprise-class workloads efficiently and seamlessly until the production environment is restored."

Grobler adds that recent market research published by Forester recommends that infrastructure and operations professionals should replace existing tape backups with disk-based backup appliances that will reduce manual efforts and improve recovery time objectives.

"The Platespin Forge 700 series delivers a faster, more efficient and streamlined approach to protect virtual and physical server workloads, allowing users to benefit from a faster, more efficient and streamlined approach to protecting virtual and physical server workloads.

"If they are to build and operate differentiated solution sets that are modular, flexible and cost-efficient, providers need more than just IaaS. What is required is an extensible platform that can enable the provision of a range of services."

Companies operating with PlateSpin Forge benefit from simple set-up and peace of mind knowing that services can be recovered effectively, quickly and reliably. The software supports the latest OS and hypervisor versions from Microsoft, VMware and others. It also includes support for new UEFI physical servers with GTP hard drives and boot drivers larger than 2TB.

Grobler adds that all PlateSpin Forge 700 series appliances are capable of monitoring the CPU, memory, network bandwidth and disk utilisation of up to 100 production server workloads for 30 days.

"This ensures that IT professionals are able to best balance recovery performance with infrastructure costs while ensuring their workloads are protected and that their disaster recovery service level agreements are most efficiently maintained."

Grobler stresses that unplanned downtime can be disastrous for business. "Companies need disaster recovery solutions that minimise the impact on productivity, revenue, and most importantly, their relationships with customers and the protection of their business-critical assets.


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