Tsalano Business Solutions to showcase groundbreaking solutions at Innovation Day 2015

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Software AG has partnered with Tsalano Business Solutions for Innovation Day 2015. The event's critical mission is to stimulate the growth of SMEs by offering reliable cutting-edge ICT-based solutions to both public and private sectors.

Tsalano will be exhibiting their Bus Route Tracking and Monitoring solution for busses and fleet management, as well as their Rapid Analyser - a Water Telemetry System designed to assist municipalities and water authorities in managing water from bulk to households providing real-time analytics and information on water losses, leakages, reservoir levels, flow rates and pumps running condition statuses among others. The system touches on the entire spectrum of water demand management and water conservation.

The Tsalano Bus Route Tracking and Monitoring system, proudly built using customised Software AG software solutions, applies intelligent analytics to predict external factors that might affect smooth running of bus services.

These include weather predictions, accidents or any other issue that might delay the bus, as well as estimated time of arrival (ETA) - which is all communicated to passengers via SMS or display screens at the station. This process is made possible through Software AG's technology, including APAMA, Presto, Terracotta and Tsalano Field Sensor Technology.

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