VMware upgrades Socialcast

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VMware has introduced a new version of Socialcast that includes enterprise social networking capabilities.

Integrated project management is one of the new additions to the system, providing a single space for workflow that currently exists across multiple systems. This allows for the tracking of projects, action items and due dates within the Socialcast system, without the use of e-mails or spreadsheets.

Secure private messaging for either individuals or teams, including file-sharing capabilities, is another new addition to the release. Updated and enhanced community management allows administrators to manage and customise aspects of Socialcast communities, such as access, integration with other systems, and audits and reporting.

Socialcast aims to solve the problem of information silos by making all communicative activities available in a single location, which is intuitively designed and available from any device. Social capabilities, such as activity streams, messages and private chats, are merged with business systems, such as projects and tasks, and can be accessed efficiently from anywhere.

For companies in today's knowledge economy, competitive advantage is achieved by tapping deeper into the passions, imaginations and ingenuity of employees, says Chris Norton, senior regional director at VMware. Users who work the way they live, using integrated networking capabilities to connect with people, conversations and projects in one place, will be capable of improved collaboration, and ultimately, be able to achieve better, faster results.

A recent Socialcast survey found that two-thirds of end-users feel Socialcast helps them receive answers to their questions faster, while 81% indicated that the Socialcast community makes them feel more connected to the company.

"More than 44 000 Philips employees engage through Socialcast to work together, exchange ideas and knowledge, and respond to questions asked by colleagues," says Dennis Agusi, global internal communications officer at Royal Philips Electronics. "The new Socialcast features allow us to work even more effectively and help us make collaboration even easier."

"We are committed to delivering on our core promise of helping customers use social tools and practices to discover a better way to work," says Norton.

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