100 000 subscribers on FNB Connect

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First National Bank says it activates 1 000 SIMs daily on its mobile offering.
First National Bank says it activates 1 000 SIMs daily on its mobile offering.

First National Bank (FNB) announced that it has exceeded 100 000 active SIMs for its mobile service offering since its launch in June.

"We didn't expect to exceed the 100 000 active SIMs mark before the end of the year but the strong organic uptake by customers is an indication that there's a strong need for a transparent and flexible mobile service. 75% of the new SIMs are prepaid and 25% are post-paid, while 40% of customers fall within the 26 - 35 age group. This is a demographic that values flexibility and prefers to take control of how they spend on mobile services," says Ravesh Ramlakan, CEO of FNB Connect.

"We are naturally activating approximately 1 000 SIMs daily and we are pleased to see that a number of customers have taken up the FNB Connect Flexi product without a device," adds Ramlakan

The FNB Connect Flexi is a month-to-month offering that can be tailored to each individual's needs by using sliders to choose your data, voice and SMS needs.

"The Flexi product has had a very positive response, with all customers on this plan adjusting their package at least once before settling on a combination that suits their lifestyles," says Ramlakan.

FNB Connect is integrated into online banking, the banking app and cellphone banking using a single login and customers can manage their SIM while manage their banking. Customers are able to check the activity on each of their SIM cards with details of each transaction made in real time.

Any actions required for SIM management such as changing limits, switching international roaming on and off, blocking the SIM or ordering a new one can easily be performed from these digital banking platforms.

"We are expecting the strong growth to continue as customers are seeing value in the flexibility, transparency, control and rewards associated with our products," Ramlakan concludes.

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