Astraia Technology gets your business in the cloud

Cape Town, 25 Aug 2016
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Astraia Technology is a business solution strategist and implementation partner. For many years it has been providing solutions based on the Sage platform and has one of the highest pedigrees of any ERP or business solutions partner in South Africa. The cloud revolution has come of age and the cost benefits of a secure, external IT facility with "anywhere" access makes business sense.

"It is less about where the servers are located and more about where the user is, that has driven the move to cloud," says CEO David Bryant "and the time has come that Astraia can offer a subscription-based cloud solution with confidence." For many years ERP systems have been provided on conventional servers and LAN or WAN networks. This has worked well but as the cost of Internet has dropped, the costs of establishing and maintaining a local array of servers and infrastructure continues to increase while the performance of cloud-based systems has improved. Business users are part of the mobile generation, however, and confidence and trust in using the cloud has reached the point that business systems are migrating into a new era very naturally.

Astraia is taking advantage of this natural migration and has developed a number of cloud offerings that can maximise the benefits of the various solutions offered. "Finding the balance between monthly cost, performance and ease of use has been the challenge and at the same time reskilling and retooling the traditionally "non-cloud" consulting team has been a priority" explains Bryant. "The very fact that your ERP or business solution sits in the cloud does not necessarily mean that the processes and operations change, it merely means how one accesses the systems has changed and we adapted."

Cloud Technology is not new. It has been spoken about for many years and Sage has been at the forefront of development ensuring its flagship business management solutions of Sage 300, Sage X3 and Sage CRM are fully compliant and "cloud ready". The technology allows for "anywhere access" and opens up information opportunities that in the past were more challenging or even impossible. The Astraia Technology Development division has welcomed this direction and their expertise is a key element in the development and deployment of cloud solutions. "Astraia Technology has adapted to a cloud technology mind-set that brings a host of benefits to customers and keeps Astraia ahead of the pack as a business solutions provider and partner of choice to our clients," concludes Bryant.

A cloud-based business solution brings a perfect balance of cost savings and improved performance to your business. Integrating other technologies allows for mobile or satellite operations to making running a business simpler, better, faster and more reliable. Being able to access vital business systems on the move has become a necessity for fast-paced businesses and with cloud technology these decisions can be made using up-to-the-minute accurate information, essential in breathing life into your vision.

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