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Johannesburg, 10 Feb 2015
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Sabinet's Customised Monitoring Service is your early warning alert to keep you up to date on government policies and legislative developments most likely to influence your business and customers.

Information is monitored and selected by our experts according to your specific monitoring needs, and you will receive a short report and the relevant full-text documents via e-mail.

Like many of our products, this service offers many benefits to you and your company. One is that our customised monitoring contributes to strategic decision-making. Our service provides accurate and reliable reports on government policies and legislative developments that will affect your industry. This service will give you advance notice about the promulgation of legislation in order for your timeous participation in policy composition and law-making.

Other benefits include:

* Truly customised information monitoring
* The service includes in-depth profiling of your information monitoring needs, accompanied by a thorough briefing on the monitoring landscape.
* Extensive document coverage
* Daily monitoring of parliamentary and government documentation such as speeches, statements, presentations, policy documents including green and white papers, draft Bills, Bills, Acts, and the Government Gazettes.
* Immediate notification
* As soon as relevant information becomes available, customised alerts are e-mailed directly to your desktop.

Through our Customised Monitoring Service, you gain access to our Sabinet's Customised Monitoring Service database, where you can track the updated status of draft Bills, Bills, policy documents and other related documents.

Contact us today for more information on how this service can work for you.

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