Integr8 ranked top managed service provider in Africa, fifth best globally

Johannesburg, 23 Feb 2011
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The Integr8 Group, South Africa's largest privately owned ICT managed services provider, has been ranked as the number one managed service provider (MSP) on the continent and the fifth best worldwide, by publishers of the Global MSPmentor 100 report.

This distinguished list and research report covered MSPs from North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Australia. Over and above Integr8's winning placement, the report officially positions the company as the second fastest growing managed service company internationally.

It also means that Integr8 is the only South African company to ever make it among the top 50 MSPs globally

The MSPmentor 100 survey is an annual report drafted and published by Nine Lives Media. (*

The fourth-annual MSPmentor 100 survey, in which Integr8 is ranked, is based on calculated index measurement metrics factor and global standards.

Jan Roux, Managing Director, Integr8, says everyone at the company is very proud of the achievement and it represents the culmination of years of hard work, dedication and intense focus on managed service delivery and innovation.

“We are thrilled about the position the company has attained among so many leading companies and businesses, not only locally, but rather globally. To be ranked among the top five global MSPs throughout the world is an exceptional achievement, and to be considered as the very best on the continent is a rare accolade and one that we aim to hold onto for as long as possible,” says Roux.

“It is the first time a South African company has made it onto the top 50 list, let alone to be ranked among the top five worldwide. So we are immensely proud of the contribution made by each and every member of the Integr8 team,” he adds.

Since Integr8's inception in 2001, one of the main strategies developed by executive management was to always remain focused on core operation, competencies and strengths.

In 2001, Integr8 founded the only Nerve Centre ( based on African soil, providing a digital hub to manage and regulate many of the country's leading organisations.

This has allowed for true scale that seamlessly crosses geographical boarders, introducing global organisations to the brightest minds in the industries, via a single point of contact for managed services and tier three 24/7/365 support.

“We pledged never to move away from our core competency and focus, which is managed services. Our portfolio remains managed services as well as private and public cloud-based services,” Roux continues. “This is only the beginning... Integr8 is on its way to being the very best of the best internationally.”

* (

The Integr8 Group

The Integr8 Group is an established and dynamic provider of managed information, communication and telecommunication services.

Founded in 2001, Integr8 ( has organically grown into the largest privately owned BEE ICT company on the African continent.

The company employs in excess of 550 full-time ICT professionals across its multiple offices. With 100% of the company being management owned and operated, Integr8's customers benefit from a healthy balance of entrepreneurial innovation and a well corporatized culture.

Integr8 owns and operates the only South African based Nerve Centre ( This hub of customised technology, skilled personnel and ITIL processes, manage the complete ICT environment of many of the country's leading organisations.

Integr8 is vendor agnostic, choosing the very best solution for each client, and can deliver managed ICT services through the cloud to customers of any size and in any location.

The company supports multiple charitable organisations. In fact, the Integr8 Group found itself sponsoring so many initiatives it has created the Integr8 Foundation, which will act as a central facilitator for all CSI in future. It is supported both by the company and by the directors in their personal capacity.

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