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Accellion offers executives the most productive and secure way to access and share sensitive information on mobile devices

New Mobile App Extends Critical Content Security and Compliance Capabilities to iOS and Android Devices.

Johannesburg, 06 Mar 2018
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Accellion, the leading platform for enabling organisations to securely share sensitive information with the outside world while maintaining the controls and visibility needed to demonstrate compliance, today announced key enhancements to its mobile application that further enable senior executives to access and share sensitive content securely and in compliance with industry regulations.

Board of director and executive presentations, contracts, and cash flow and finance projections - these and other sensitive documents are the ones senior executives most often read and collaborate on. Accessing and sharing these documents from a smartphone or tablet therefore must be extremely efficient and user-friendly while meeting rigorous security standards to maintain compliance with industry regulations, even when on the road. The security and compliance capabilities in the Accellion secure file sharing platform that enterprises rely so heavily on are also available in Accellion's mobile app. These include:

* Automatic DLP scans on every file download.
* Automatic AV and ATP scans on every file upload.
* Encryption of content in transit and at rest; encryption key ownership
* Granular policy controls and logging of all file activity for compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, SOX, and more.
* Certified compliance with FIPS 140-2, FedRAMP-Authorised, and NIST 800-171 compliant.

Accellion's secure file sharing platform also provides senior executives with a simple, intuitive way to access and share files while on the road. No matter where the files are stored - in on-premises enterprise content management systems, cloud-based content repositories, or critical business applications, senior executives can quickly and easily find them, review them and share them with trusted partners.

"Accellion's new mobile app makes me more productive managing my company," commented Mike Polatsek, Chairman and CEO at CybeReady. "As I work with the app, the folders containing my BOD material, cash flow and sales forecasts are all immediately available and I know instantly whether the files have been updated by my staff. And when I open those large PowerPoint and Excel files, even when I am flying, the response time is great. But before I open, read or review those documents, I know that they are secure, encrypted, and scanned for any malicious threat and meet our compliance requirements. That puts my mind at ease - knowing that my company will withstand modern threats but also allow me to be productive."

Enhancements to Accellion's mobile app include:

* Fast navigation and file access - find content faster, navigate folders more efficiently, and load, open and explore files with greater ease.
* LDAP support for e-mails - share information easily and securely with people in your organization without having to look up their e-mail address.
* MS Office Integration - iOS integration for seamless editing and versioning of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files with a full audit trail, no matter which connected repository the content is stored in.
* Express secure camera - take a picture and upload the file directly without it being stored on the device's camera roll.

Accellion's mobile app is available now for existing customers and new deployments and can be found in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

To learn more about Accellion, please visit:


Accellion, Inc. enables enterprise organizations to securely connect all their content to the people and systems that are part of their critical business processes, regardless of the applications that create that content or where it is stored, while maintaining the controls and visibility needed to demonstrate compliance. Accellion's solutions have been used by more than 25 million users and over 3,000 of the world's leading corporations and government agencies including NYC Health + Hospitals; KPMG; Kaiser Permanente; Latham & Watkins; National Park Service; Umpqua Bank; Cargill; and the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST). For more information please visit or call (650) 485-4300. Follow Accellion on LinkedIn, Twitter and Accellion's Blog.

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