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Johannesburg, 15 Apr 2019
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Propak Africa 2019 was everything we could have hoped for! The Kemtek representatives were delighted to have the opportunity to welcome so many key industry decision-makers to the Kemtek stand.

This gave Kemtek the ideal chance to share its passion for digital print and packaging, and to demonstrate that the future is already here in the shape of HP Indigo digital printers.

Working with its creative and technology partners, Kemtek was able to create not just a static stand, but an interactive experience that showed a complete digital printing and packaging solution in action.

Informative floor graphics highlighted key features of its show-stopping digital printing machine, the benchmark HP Indigo 6900. Propak Africa 2019 was the perfect stage on which to demonstrate the awesome capabilities of this machine. If your business is narrow-web label or packaging production, and you didn't make time to visit the Kemtek stand, then you really did miss out.

Kemtek is a big believer in the truth of the saying: 'Seeing is believing', and it designed its stand with that in mind. What better way to do this than to turn its stand into a full-functioning, live demonstration of just what this digital press is capable of?

Relax, the future of packaging is in safe hands

No label printing and packaging show would be complete without a Kemtek networking event, and Propak Africa 2019 was no exception. On the Thursday evening, attendees at Kemtek's Craft Beer Evening had the chance to relax and unwind in the more informal after-hours vibe created by the team at the company's stand.

Everyone who joined Kemtek not only got to enjoy award-winning craft beers from the REDROCK Brewing Co (including its Bad Moon and Firebird IPA brews), but also took home a very special gift.

How to make friends and impress people...

The very limited-edition twin pack of beers was created entirely on Kemtek's Propak Africa 2019 stand (okay, the beer was brewed in Midrand). Each unique label was created on-site by the HP Indigo 6900 digital press using Mosaic SmartStream. This radical software can generate millions of unique variations on a pattern and is the technology underpinning some of the most effective mass customisation marketing campaigns of recent years.

This was a modest example of the infinite variety that HP digital printers can create using innovative software solutions, and just the beginning of the story of each Kemtek REDROCK gift pack. Each pair of beers was packed in a Mosaic printed folding carton prepared on an HP Latex R2000 from Midcomp, which shared the stand with Kemtek.

The final touches were added through precision cutting on a Z"und G3, also demonstrated by Midcomp. Not only were these gift packs the perfect Propak Africa 2019 souvenir, but they perfectly showcased what can be achieved by the latest digital printing and packaging hardware and software.

Of course, these gift packs were just for fun, but there's a serious message behind them. Digital printers like the HP Indigo 6900 offer unprecedented levels of versatility and flexibility across the entire spectrum of narrow-web label printing and packaging production.

Planning ahead

Kemtek relishes the opportunity to demonstrate just what can be done, whether it's over a craft beer after hours or under the bright lights of NASREC. It is excited to have front row seats as world-leading companies like HP unveil ever more advanced digital presses. Today's digital printing presses offer next-level cost-effectiveness and quality, but there are even more exciting developments in the pipeline.

Such is Kemtek's confidence in digital printing and packaging that it has already booked its stand for Propak Cape 2020, and it is starting to plan for Propak Africa 2022. If you missed the Kemtek stand at this year's event, be sure to catch up with this next year in Cape Town, or in three years' time back in Johannesburg and see what's been brewing, as Kemtek reveals new ways to 'pack smart'.

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