Accellion revolutionises how sensitive information is shared between Google Drive and Microsoft Office

Plugin lets enterprise employees convert their Google Docs into Microsoft Office files and share them externally with complete security and compliance.

Johannesburg, 10 May 2019
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Accellion, provider of the leading governance platform for sending, receiving and sharing encrypted information, today announced secure, compliant and convenient information sharing for enterprises using Google Drive.

With Accellion, enterprise G Suite users send, receive and share confidential files externally with complete compliance and authentication. Accellion lets organisations control all external file exchanges through a single governance platform, no matter what the data source, to mitigate the risk of a data leak or access by unauthenticated users.

As part of the Google Cloud Technology Partner Program, the Accellion plugin for Google Drive lets security-first organisations:

* Send confidential documents externally via secure folders and secure e-mail;
* Centralise external sharing governance to ensure sensitive files stay private;
* Automatically convert shared Google Docs to Microsoft Office files and vice versa;
* Share Google Docs using their corporate authentication with recipients' business e-mail accounts outside the organisation; and
* Consolidate compliance reporting and use log data to create real-time visualisations into integrated SIEM products.

Accellion also enables enterprise G Suite users to convert their shared Google Docs to Microsoft files to enhance collaboration with external partners. Accellion allows G Suite users to bridge their corporate Google world with the corporate Microsoft world, while keeping their confidential documents secure and collaboration compliant. G Suite users now have the best of both worlds: collaborative cloud editing internally and compliant, industry-standard Office file sharing externally.

"With Accellion, G Suite users have a single governance platform that reduces the risk of inadvertently exposing sensitive information," said Yaron Galant, chief product officer with Accellion. "It's now very simple for G Suite users to securely share Google Docs containing sensitive data outside of their organisation through systems like Microsoft, Salesforce, and Oracle."

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The Accellion platform enables organisations to securely share sensitive information beyond enterprise borders, while maintaining the controls and visibility needed to demonstrate compliance. Accellion's solutions have been used by more than 25 million end-users and have been installed at more than 3 000 of the world's leading corporations and government agencies, including NYC Health + Hospitals, KPMG, Kaiser Permanente, Latham & Watkins, National Park Service, Umpqua Bank, Tyler Technologies, and the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST). For more information, please visit

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