QuickBooks wants to connect SA accountants online

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Dominic Allon, international senior vice-president for Intuit QuickBooks.
Dominic Allon, international senior vice-president for Intuit QuickBooks.

Online accounting software provider QuickBooks aims to grow its local business, targeting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the South African market.

QuickBooks is a small business management tool that offers accounting, payroll, payments and time-tracking tools developed and marketed by US-based business and financial software company Intuit.

In the South African market, QuickBooks competes against the likes of Sage, Xero, Kashflow and FreeAgent, among others.

Dominic Allon, international senior vice-president for Intuit QuickBooks, says more than 50 000 South African businesses use QuickBooks today.

"In 2018, QuickBooks Online Accountant was launched in South Africa to increase efficiency and enable accountants to deliver greater value to their clients. This solution provides accountants with innovative tools to simplify tasks, while ensuring greater control," says Allon.

He points out that by leveraging technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence and data-driven insights, QuickBooks Online provides accountants and small businesses with a single platform on which they can manage their businesses and collaborate remotely.

Allon notes the growth plan for QuickBooks in SA will remain centred around the company's ethos of empowerment and building prosperity for small businesses in the country.

"We believe that achieving this goal is dependent on investing in knowledge-building exercises in the country to gain insight and learn how we can improve our products in line with the needs of South African small businesses.

"We will continue our initiatives designed to educate and encourage accountants and small business to migrate their accounting needs to our cloud-based solutions. QuickBooks also plans to host many more events, webinars and personal roundtables, which have proven to be successful at building our client base and empowering our users."

Allon notes that with 98.5% of the country's economy being made up of SMEs, coupled with government's commitment to nurturing and advancing this sector, it provides QuickBooks with a significant potential customer base and a fertile environment in which to do business.

Additionally, with 89% of small businesses saying they are more successful when they work with an accountant, this gives the company the opportunity to connect them to accountants, which in turn creates business for them, he says.

"With cloud accounting on the rise, and a growing need for robust technologies to assist accountants and entrepreneurs alike to grow their businesses, we are excited at the future prospects for QuickBooks in South Africa," Allon concludes.

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