Realizing incredible productivity gains using CommerceQuest business process integrator

Real life scenario from a large telecommunications company

Johannesburg, 01 Dec 2001
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A recent proof of concept (POC) by CommerceQuest for a large telecommunications company proved that using CommerceQuest`s Business Process Integrator (BPI) would complete the implementation of an order processing management solution 17 times faster than a conventional development approach.

A telecommunications company needed to implement a solution to integrate and automate their order entry and order fulfillment databases. They had already engaged a Java consulting firm to develop a large project within the company, but after hearing about CommerceQuest BPI, requested a proof of concept to act as a comparison against the conventional approach. The consulting firm and CommerceQuest used similar order entry databases and the same backend system for testing.

Delivery time from the consulting firm totaled 49 man-weeks (7 resources for 7 weeks) whereas CommerceQuest`s POC was delivered in 3 man-weeks (1 resource for 3 weeks). This difference provides a time and resource saving ratio of 17:1, illustrating the ease of use BPI can provide in developing real world solutions.

Not only were resources, time and effort kept to a minimum, but CommerceQuest BPI offered the customer a more comprehensive solution by including end-to-end visibility of every transaction at every step of the business process.

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