Super WiFi unleashed in US

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Super WiFi unleashed in US

The Federal Communications Commission of America has announced it will unlock a new 'super-fast' technology called 'Super WiFi', reports Silicon Republic.

The commission is to free up vacant airwaves between TV channels known as 'white spaces' to unleash a host of new technologies and, according to the company, a “myriad other diverse applications” - one of these being Super WiFi.

Super WiFi is said to enable wireless Internet to travel greater distances by using lower-frequency white spaces found between TV channel frequencies.

Scodix appoints Kemtek Imaging Systems

Scodix has appointed Kemtek Imaging Systems Holdings, as its distribution partner for Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands, states Graphicrepro.

Scodix and Kemtek recently concluded an agreement for the distribution, sales and marketing of Scodix digital UV enhancement presses, inks and services. Kemtek is a distributor of equipment to the Southern African printing industry.

“Kemtek Imaging Systems fulfills all of our requirements, and we look forward to entering into the Southern African market and together forming a unified front in the post-press market,” says Dror Danai, Scodix VP of gobal sales and business development.

Victoria state offers STIUP

Victorian businesses will have the opportunity to increase their competitiveness by using small technologies in their products, processes or services, thanks to a $6.5 million Brumby Labor Government programme, says Gov Monitor.

Innovation minister Gavin Jennings released the first round of the Small Technologies Industry Uptake Programme (STIUP) which was a key part of the $10.5 million Victorian Action Plan for Small Technologies.

“Victoria has world-leading small technologies infrastructure and skills and this programme will provide support for businesses to access facilities, goods, services and advice that will help them include small technologies in their products, processes and services,” says Jennings.

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