Microsoft tweaks Windows Azure pricing

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Microsoft tweaks Windows Azure pricing

Microsoft plans to tweak its Windows Azure pricing, come 1 July to make the platform more attractive to users who want to migrate lots of data to the cloud, writes ZDNet.

The change will also result in all inbound data transfers for both peak and off-peak times being free, company officials said via a post to the Windows Azure blog.

According to The Register, the change is designed to encourage developers to move large quantities of their own data onto Microsoft's service, but it will also benefit Azure applications that receive large amounts of data from outside sources.

Microsoft is determined to expand the use of Azure. Earlier this week, Microsoft's Windows Azure GM Doug Hauger made a point of saying that eventually all computing infrastructure will “move to the cloud”.

Microsoft senior executive, Satya Nadella said Microsoft's new cloud products mean more revenue for the company, even though it may displace sales of traditional software, writes The Seattle Times.

“It's just going to increase consumption. The limiter is the current architecture approach,” he said.

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