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Keynote speakers not to be missed at ITWeb Security Summit 2022

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Nine renowned cyber security experts will address the hottest issues in cyber security today as they deliver their keynote addresses at ITWeb Security Summit 2022.

The 17th annual gathering of local and international IT security professionals, decision makers, thought leaders  and practitioners is being held from 31 May to 2 June In Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Security in 2022 and beyond

Firstly, Paul Mckay, principal analyst at Forrester, will be presenting on “Cyber security in 2022 and beyond – analysing current and emerging risks”.

He will discuss what is behind the significant increase in cyber incidents, including ransomware, supply chain attacks and critical infrastructure breaches.

The rise of the CISO

Mckay will be followed by Phillimon Zongo, CEO of the Cyber Leadership Institute in Australia, whose presentation is on “How leading CISOs are wielding persuasion and influencing skills to accelerate cyber transformation”.

He will delve into how the role of the CISO has skyrocketed in prominence far more rapidly than many pundits had predicted, underpinned by relentless cyber incursions, tightening regulatory screws and increased personal liability on corporate directors.

Cyber security, a team sport

Hot on his heels, Sandro Bucchianeri, group CSO at NAB Australia, will present a keynote on “Why cyber security is a team sport”.

He will share his views on why we can’t ‘win’ at security alone and why collaboration is the key to success. He will also give an overview of types of third parties to consider collaborating with, and how to bring internal colleagues along on the journey.

Connecting the pieces of change

Next in the lineup, Dr Lydia Kostopoulos, SVP emerging tech insights at KnowBe4, will present on “Connecting the puzzle pieces of technological change”.

She believes the 4IR is transforming how we live, work, entertain ourselves and do business. This keynote will unpack what it means for the skills we need and what the future holds.

Cyber extraordinary

Then, Charl van der Walt, head of security research at Orange Cyberdefense who relocated to the UK several years ago, will be addressing the audience on “Cyber extraordinary’ – the state of and trends in ransomware attacks and the implications for security in SA and Africa today and tomorrow”.

He will examine the reality of the ransomware threat for South African organisations, and will share an understanding of the wider implications of a lack of investment in security beyond the organisation, and how it impacts society as a whole.

What does zero trust mean?

Our next international keynote speaker, Ian Farquhar, field CTO (global) at Gigamon, will present on "Zero trust – what does it mean?”.

Farquhar says while many vendors will tell you zero trust means just buying their firewall, or implementing their EDR, or micro segmenting the network, in reality, it is a completely different way of thinking about trustworthiness and security.

He will unpack how zero trust doesn’t actually specify a single architecture, but rather a series of requirements and approaches which can be modified to meet an organisation’s unique requirements.

Cyber crime considerations

Another international keynote address, “Rapidly changing cyber security and cyber crime considerations”, will be delivered by Lt Colonel James (Jim) J Emerson, VP of the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C) in the US.

Emerson believes that the rapidly changing technology landscape, inherent connectedness and cloud-driven distributed enterprise present attackers and criminals with a wide array of vulnerabilities to exploit and facilitate their aims.

He will discuss why aggressive protection of data and infrastructure as well as sufficient capacity to fight cyber crime is more essential than ever.

Seeing through the cyber warfare fog

Last, but definitely not least, renowned local IT business leader Jonas Bogoshi, CEO of BCX, and Lior Div, co-founder & CEO of Cybereason, will jointly present on “Seeing through the fog of cyber warfare”.

They say defenders are tasked with protecting an expanding and increasingly complex attack surface against sophisticated cyber attacks from adversaries who often have the advantage. They will teach delegates about the threat landscape and what it takes to expand visibility exponentially and improve situational awareness of suspicious or malicious activity and potential threats.

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