C3M, Corr-Serve sign distribution deal

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Local distributor Corr-Serve has won distribution right to cloud compliance vendor C3M’s Cloud Control and Access Control solutions in SA and neighbouring markets.

Paddy Viswanathan, founder and CEO of San Francisco-based C3M, says cloud adoption is ‘at an all time high’ and that organisations around the world are adopting a cloud-first strategy.

“Along with that, there is a dramatic increase in the number of organisations being breached in the cloud space – and the majority of those breaches has something to do with identities and their related entitlements,” he adds.

Gartner predicts that over the next three years a staggering 99% of cloud security failures would be attributed to the customer, and three-quarters of these will result from the improper management of identities, access and privileges.

Corr-Serve’s product director Mark van Vuuren adds that security and compliance frameworks are constantly evolving. “Keeping up with cloud inventory is challenging, and not every enterprise really understands their role in a shared responsibility security model with the cloud service provider where the enterprise is responsible for security 'in' the cloud, and the cloud service provider for security 'of' the cloud.”

Not every enterprise really understands their role in a shared responsibility security model with the cloud service provider.

Mark van Vuuren, Corr-Serve

C3M Cloud Control, a cloud security and posture management platform, ships with an out-of-the-box POPI compliance dashboard suitable for the South African market. Corr-Serve says it will provide a clear view to customers looking to comply with the new POPIA regulations.

In addition, C3M recently debuted C3M Access Control to help organisations gain full control over identities and infrastructure entitlements, and identity privileges.

“Gaining complete control over all the identities, their access and privileges is challenging because of the large number of permissions in a typical enterprise infrastructure. There are also several thousands of identities that have distinct permissions to access multiple resources. Add to this mix developers who spin up environments hastily and grant excess entitlements and it quickly becomes impossible to manage and govern these identities manually,“ says Van Vuuren.

In the months to come, Corr-Serve will be hosting a series of webinars to showcase the effectiveness of C3M Cloud Control and Access Control, and how the solutions can help organisations improve their security and compliance posture when embracing the public cloud.

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