Nintex study uncovers employee onboarding as a top pain point in today's workplaces

Results reveal that broken employee onboarding processes damper morale and productivity.

Johannesburg, 13 Jun 2018
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Nintex, the world's leader in intelligent process automation (IPA), released its study on the top five most broken processes in today's workplaces, with employee onboarding among the most pervasive pain points that plague corporate America.

The "Definitive Guide to Corporate America's Most Broken Processes," found that 58% of employees at US companies with more than 1 000 employees experienced broken onboarding processes within their organisation.

These broken processes then contribute to attrition and related financial costs for these employers. More than two-thirds of respondents said their company's broken processes prevent them from maximising their potential, and 53% do not see themselves remaining at their company for more than five years.

Activities related to employee onboarding identified as a 'broken process' by respondents included:

* 55% cite the ability to use preferred documents and software tools.
* 46% cite process-based onboarding (e.g. company emergency procedures).
* 43% cite onboarding-related paperwork.
* 34% cite becoming a part of the company culture.
* 33% cite being introduced to colleagues.
* 19% cite healthcare enrolment.

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"Company executives may be inclined to address their biggest process roadblocks first," said Nintex CLO Jeff Christianson who oversees Human Resources at Nintex.

"Many of those larger issues, however, can often stem from smaller broken processes during common activities like onboarding new hires. The employee onboarding process is an organisation's opportunity to demonstrate to its newest talent that time-saving technology exists, like an intelligent process automation platform, which streamlines processes in a line of business like HR to eliminate paper and process bottlenecks. The result... beginning on day one, is that every employee is empowered to do his or her best possible work."

Christianson continues by saying the Nintex study findings show that when companies realise the promise of automating, orchestrating, and optimising everyday processes, they can see a significant uptick in employee retention rates and move closer to a vision of a digitally transformed modern workplace.

The top five most broken processes identified by the Nintex study include:

1. Technology troubleshooting.
2. Access to tools and documents that enable good job performance.
3. Annual performance reviews.
4. Promotions.
5. Employee onboarding.

Learn more by downloading the "Definitive Guide to Corporate America's Most Broken Processes" at


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